Adult Organic Cotton Organic Merino Wool 1.5-Inch Thick Mattress Pad Topper

Make your bed more comfortable with this 1.5-inch thick mattress pad made with a 100% Certified Organic cotton jacquard fabric filled with 100% Certified Organic fine merino wool. Rest assured that the safest, cleanest wool fibers are against your body.

I was happy to find this site. The Organic Wool Mattress Pad I purchased came very quickly and is high quality. The price was better than I could have gotten elsewhere, which was welcome. I will certainly look on this site when I am in the market for any green products. Thank you.
-Stephen F.

The Organic wool used in this sustainable mattress pad is from Organically raised sheep and cleaned with Organic soap to remove any impurities. Pure, eco-friendly wool is biodegradable and naturally soft for a fulfilling night’s rest. Temperature-moderating fibers make wool an ideal bedding material for all-season use.

  • Pure and simple, 100% Certified Organic fine merino wool fill
  • Quality, 100% Certified Organic cotton jacquard outer fabric
  • Sustainable luxury mattress pad comes in eco-friendly packaging (Organic cotton drawstring bag)
  • Ideal for families with any chemical sensitivities; safe and allergen free

Fabric: 100% Pure, Certified Organic Fine Merino Wool Fill. 100% Pure, Certified Organic Cotton Jacquard Outer Fabric. USDA NOP Organic Certification for WoolGanique™ (the exclusive certified organic merino wool fiber used as a filling) and Certified by CERES, a German based independent USDA accredited certification organization. WOOLMARK Certification, recognizing the quality 100% pure merino wool filling. Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, tested for over 100 harmful substances to assure that the textiles are not harmful to health. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton by Control Union. By Sleep and Beyond.

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Here’s Sleep and Beyond’s story in their own words…


To help and educate our customers about the benefits of a full night of rejuvenating sleep through providing them with pure, Organic and chemical-free merino wool bedding.

Sleep and Beyond™ is family run and one of the few worldwide manufacturers of luxurious USDA Certified Organic merino wool bedding. Since 1992, they have been hand making each of their world famous Organic comforters, one at a time. They are active members of Organic Trade Association, Co-op America, Better Business Bureau and IFOAM, an International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.

Sleep and Beyond raises their own merino sheep and processes the wool organically. The sheep graze on fields for an average of 16-18 hours a day, receiving daily sunlight, consuming 100% organic feed, and having the freedom of movement, which increases their immune system and keeps them less vulnerable to diseases and infections. Within one year, their merino sheep can grow up to 30 lbs of organic wool. It is then sorted and washed with hot water and organic soap to remove impurities that account for 30-60% of the total fleece weight. No sheep are ever harmed in any process used to create the beautiful organic merino wool used in these comforters.

Their Organic cotton is hand planted, hand cultivated and hand picked in the Southern regions of India. It is then processed Organically without using any heavy metals, formaldehyde, or other harmful chemicals that are often used in conventional cotton processing. They also take an extra step in building long term relationships with their Organic cotton farmers and their families who get paid fair wages and receive premium prices for their cotton. The processing mill is ISO certified, guaranteeing the Fair Trade production and high quality environmental management system. Wind power is used for generating and meeting out the energy requirement for the spinning operations, which is not only cost effective but also eco-friendly.

Did you know that on average we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed sleeping and breathing, the entire time absorbing nasty chemicals, fire retardants, and toxic odors from conventional bedding products into our bodies that eventually lead to sleep disorders, severe allergies and asthma, especially in children? As an organic bedding manufacturer, we ensure that none of the Volatile Organic Compounds, arsenic or other toxic chemicals, are used in creating a safe sleeping environment for you. A natural sleeping atmosphere free of carcinogenic chemicals ensures a healthy beginning for babies as they spend most of their time sleeping.
SizeDimensions in InchesWool Fill Weights in Ounces
Twin39 x 7672
Full54 x 7696
Queen60 x 80112
King78 x 80144
California King75 x 86144

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Wool Facts:

  • Wool is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Wool is mold and mildew resistant and inhibits dust mites
  • Wool insulates, keeping you dry and cool in summer, warm and cozy in winter
  • Wool is resilient and supportive, relieving and limiting minor aches and pains from rest
  • Wool is flame resistant, naturally — because of its unique, moisture-absorbing structure
  • Wool is sustainable, biodegradable, and eco friendly

Product Care:

1) Washable fitted sheet is highly recommended for organic mattress pads.
2) Regular sunning and airing. The sun will naturally revitalize and disinfect the bedding.
3) Do not machine wash or dry. Spot clean only with soft brush and mild detergent. Allow the product to air dry completely.
4) Dry cleaning is not recommended because of harsh and toxic chemicals involved during the process.

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