Adult Organic Cotton Organic Merino Wool Comforter 400 Thread Count

We spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping—let’s make sure our sleeping environment is natural, comfortable, and free of chemicals. That’s why opting for organic textiles is of utmost importance! Typical bedding products contain toxic chemicals and odors that can cause allergies, sleep disorders, and asthma. Comforters are usually filled with synthetic fibers, as opposed to organic products filled with natural fibers, which are organically processed and create a healthy environment. Discover the procedure of making organic wool and cotton, their benefits, and the best organic cotton and merino wool comforters on the market!

What Is Organic Merino Wool?

Organic merino wool is a biodegradable and sustainable resource that originates from organically raised merino sheep. This means that the shepherds take good care of the sheep, which are in their natural habitat, receive daily sunlight, and consume organic feed and fresh water. Raising the sheep this way increases their immune system, keeps them less exposed to diseases, and makes their wool much finer, softer, and damage-free. The animals are carefully sheared and left with enough wool on the body so that they never feel cold. The wool is sorted, washed, and processed without any harsh chemicals.

Why Choose Wool?

Merino wool and its lightweight fibers keep you comfortable in the heat by drawing moisture away, but they also warm you up in winter. Apart from this unique quality, wool has many other benefits—here are some of its distinctive characteristics:

  • antimicrobial
  • hypoallergenic
  • mold-resistant 
  • resilient
  • supportive
  • flame-resistant
  • biodegradable
  • eco-friendly

How Is Organic Cotton Different From Regular Cotton?

Certified organic cotton is hand-planted and hand-picked. Unlike regular cotton, this one is created without using toxic agricultural chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. Thanks to the elimination of such hazardous substances, organic cotton is beneficial to our health. It’s also environmentally friendly and keeps rivers and drinking water cleaner. 

How To Know If A Product Is Really Organic

The easiest way to discover if a comforter is produced organically and in an environmentally responsible manner is by looking for its certification logo. GOTS is the best one—it ensures that a manufacturer hasn’t used toxic chemicals, harmed any animal, or exploited workers. Apart from Global Organic Textile Standard, there are a few other good certifications for organic fibers, including Oeko-Tex and ZQ. However, note that Oeko-tex does allow the use of some heavy metals or limited chemical inputs. When choosing an Oeko-tex certified product, make sure it’s Class I or Class II. ZQ certifications are for merino wool manufacturers only and have strict standards of environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

What Does Thread Count Mean?

When searching for comforters and reading their specifications, you’ll come across the thread count. If you’re not sure what this means or what’s the best thread count, we’ll provide a straightforward answer! It refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. People think that the higher the count, the better the comforter, but don’t get too carried away. The ideal count is 300 to 400 made of single-ply threads. You could go for higher, but comforters with higher thread count are denser, heavier, and more expensive! The 400-thread count comforter is a perfect choice for all seasons. 

The Best Organic Cotton and Merino Wool Comforters on the Market

Organic cotton and merino wool create the softest comforters that will make your sleeping environment as soothing as possible. Check out the best organic wool comforters with eco-friendly cotton coverings and have peaceful sleep every night!

1. Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter

Sleep & Beyond offers high-quality, chemical-free merino wool comforters encased in organic cotton sateen fabric. It has an ideal thread count that can be used year-round to keep you cool in summer or warm in winter. Sleep & Beyond uses certified materials and guarantees a dry and peaceful sleeping atmosphere. Check out its specifications: 

  • Certified organic merino wool
  • Certified organic cotton
  • 400 thread count
  • Queen, King, Twin, and Crib sizes

The Sleep & Beyond organic merino wool comforter has a nearly perfect rating, and the prices start at $149.00, depending on the size. The most expensive one is $369.00.

2. Organic Textiles Wool Comforter With Organic Cotton Covering

Organic Textiles provides bed comforters made of natural Australian wool that ensures a  pure and healthy environment. The wool comforter is covered with an organic cotton sateen fabric, which is eco-friendly, incredibly soft, and has a luxurious look. It comes in one color and different sizes. Here are its specifications:

  • 100% fine Aussie wool
  • 350 thread count
  • Machine washable
  • King, King XL, Twin, and Crib sizes

The Organic Textiles comforter is an excellent-rated product. You can find and purchase it on Amazon for $79.95 for cribs or $254.95 for king-sized beds.

3. Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter

Holy Lamb Organics has an array of environmentally-friendly wool comforters that come in different sizes and guarantee perfect comfort. The company provides comforters made from GOTS-certified wool encased in organic cotton covers. Here’s what they offer:

  • Premium eco wool batting
  • Several weights and sizes
  • Special washing machine instructions 
  • Soft, lightweight, and cozy

The Holy Lamb Organics’ high-quality products have high prices, too! Crib comforters are the most affordable and cost $169.00, while the prices for king-sized comforters start at $529.00.

Merino Wool Baby Comforters

Organic merino wool is ideal for babies because of its unique qualities and thermal regulation, which is particularly important for children. Here are several other characteristics that will show you why merino wool is perfect for families with small kids:

  • it dries fast
  • prevents stains from being absorbed
  • picks up less dust 
  • has high UV protection
  • it’s flame-resistant
  • silky soft and itch-free

Woolino offers one of the best-rated toddler blankets made from merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It’s machine-washable, and it won’t shrink or wear off if you follow the instructions. You can use it for years!

Product Care Instructions

Merino wool is extremely durable and keeps its color for years. You can stretch its fibers many times, and they’ll still get back to the original shape. All you have to do to keep your organic merino wool comforter in one piece is to peruse care instructions and follow them closely! Dry cleaning is certainly not a good idea because of the chemicals used during the process. We highly suggest frequent sunning and airing since it will naturally revitalize the comforter.

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