When we switch over from conventional foods and cosmetics to organic, wholly produced products, we never question the choice too much. It’s because we are aware of the benefits that come along with the switch from adulterated foods to organically-grown and harvested foods. When we are so aware of what we eat and consume, why should we not take care of the quality of our sleep environment? If you’re wondering are organic sheets worth it, this article will give you a detailed answer!

Your sleep quality is as important as the other elements that make up a perfect day. A day that starts with unadulterated coffee and breakfast, pure cotton or silk clothes, and organic cosmetics is matchless. However, even if you have all these things, your morning might not be so great if you don’t get the right amount of sleep in a toxin-free environment. So, organic sheets are worth it, and we’ll explain why!

What Are Organic Sheets?

Many people think that organic sheets are overrated and just another set of sheets they will sleep on, but that is not the case. Unfortunately, the main point of organic sheets is drowned out by other elements such as the price range or the product’s limited availability. Organic sheets refer to bedding that is not only made with fewer chemicals but the cotton itself is grown through a fully organic process and without factory-made fertilizers.

The production of cotton involves handpicking the cotton, and it does not undergo any chemical treatment that might be dangerous for your skin or the planet. The dyes in the organic sheets are non-toxic, while most sheets are free of any color and are purely white.

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Benefits of Organic Sheets

The benefits of organic sheets are countless, and we listed the most essential ones to give you a fair idea of what’s in store. Once you go through all the advantages, it’ll get clear whether organic sheets are worth it.

1. Ecologically Friendly

Conventional cotton farms use a lot of water to produce a complete crop. Organic farms, on the other hand, do not use chemical pesticides. Farmers cultivate the crops with manure as the only fertilizer. It is also proved that organic farms use significantly less water and energy when compared to traditional farms, making them a sustainable option for the planet.

2. Extremely Soft & Comfortable

There’s no going back after you’ve slept on organic sheets’ wonderfully smooth cotton fabric. Many hot-climate countries and places widely use cotton because of its breathability and cooling ability. Your summer experience will take a turn for the better with these natural bedsheets! And, since they do not undergo any chemical treatment, your sheets will be odorless and toxin-free.

3. Better Shelf Life

The cotton that goes into the making of organic sheets is rich in fabric and pure. The chemicals that are used to treat conventional sheets destroy the longevity of the fabric. This results in multiple trips to buy new sheets every once in a while; so even though the conventional cotton products are cheaper, they cost more in the long run. Luckily, organic sheets spare you from the trouble of repeat buying and ultimately save you a bit of cash.

4. Better for Your Wellbeing

If you have sensitive skin, the toxic chemicals used in the production of conventional sheets could be the cause of your skin’s erratic behavior and breakouts. Other concerns, such as lung disorders, allergies, and similar health problems, may also arise. Switching to organic sheets could be the way out of this upsetting cycle.

The cotton used in organic sheets is safe for everyone, but it is especially beneficial for babies who are prone to allergies and other health issues. Babies have highly sensitive skin, and we need to be extra careful while handling the environment for them. Organic sheets make it comfortable and safe for babies to live their best life, and you should also check out organic baby blankets and organic nursing pillows.

Are Organic Sheets Worth it?

To answer the main question of our ‘Are Organic Sheets Worth It?’ post, yes. Organic sheets are definitely worth the hype and the price range. They stay firm for a long time, eliminating the need to keep rebuying sheets for your mattresses. They are sustainable and are also good for your sleep quality. So go right ahead and get your organic sheets as soon as possible, just be sure to purchase from a reliable seller who preferably has a GOTS or similar certification.


We hope you were able to gather all the information you needed to make the right choice. All the benefits of organic sheets are a great booster to your general quality of life and will not backfire. We hope that you will seriously consider choosing the healthier alternative for yourself, your family, and the planet. Check out our other articles to learn more about other organic bedding items, such as: