Baby’s Organic Bamboo Pull-On Pants

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Are you thinking of making the switch to organic clothing for your baby? If so, you can rest assured that you’re making an intelligent choice. Keep reading to learn more about organic fabric and why your little one needs a baby’s organic bamboo pull-on pants. 

Why Buy Baby’s Organic Bamboo Pull-On Pants?

Bamboo fiber is superior to cotton because it does a better job keeping your infant dry and comfy throughout the day and night. How does bamboo do a better job? Well, it’s primarily because of bamboo’s incredible ability to wick water away from the skin. This makes pull-up pants made from organic bamboo an excellent option for babies that stay more active. 

Do Babies Need Organic Pants and Tops?

According to a boutique associate with Mooi, an organic clothing brand for children, a baby’s skin is more permeable and more delicate than an adult’s. As a result, it absorbs things easier than adult skin, meaning babies are more vulnerable to pesticide-related illnesses than adults. So, even though it may not be necessary, babies benefit from organic clothing. 

What Are the Benefits of Organic Bamboo Pants?

When you buy organic clothing for your baby, you can rest easy knowing the fabric was manufactured free of harsh pesticides and chemicals. Wearing apparel free of harmful chemicals also translates into less chance that your baby will develop skin issues like eczema, dermatitis, or allergies. 

Here’s a look at the top five reasons to buy baby’s organic bamboo pull-on pants:

  • Greater breathability than cotton 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Soft to the touch
  • Enhanced ability to absorb moisture
  • Promotes safe working practices

Best-Rated Baby’s Organic Pull-On Pants on Amazon

It might be frustrating if you don’t know where to go for reputable organic baby brands and safe items. That’s why the YesIt’sOrganic staff is here to assist with finding the best organic baby pull-on pants. Here’s a look at three of our favorite pairs that you can find on Amazon.

1. Lamaze Organic Baby Baby Boys’ Organic Pants

Organic Bamboo Pull-On Pants

These organic baby pull-on pants feature a natural finish to ensure long-lasting comfort. And with 100% GOTS certification, parents can help promote a healthier and more ethical world thanks to Lamaze’s sustainable and transparent supply chain. With a backup alternative in case the inevitable mess arises, this 2-pack special keeps your baby comfy and charming around the clock. Check the prices on Amazon and get a discount on the purchase.

2. Lamaze Organic Baby Organic Pants

Organic Bamboo Pull-On Pants

Thanks to a focus on functionality, these pull-up pants are excellent when it comes to handling both big and little messes. An elastic waistband helps ensure comfort all day long (or night long) for your baby, and the organic material makes the pants especially ideal for babies with sensitive skin. It will be best to check pricing on Amazon and possibly get a discount.

3. HonestBaby Baby Organic Cotton Footed Harem Pants

Organic Bamboo Pull-On Pants

These pull-up pants are made with a footed design to keep your baby’s toes toasty during the cooler parts of the year. The organic cotton fabric is gentle to the touch and gets softer with each wash. Check pricing on Amazon for this product and purchase a pair in a few clicks!

Wash and Care Tips For Your Baby’s Organic Bamboo Pull-On Pant

Generally, it’s safe to toss bamboo clothes in the washer with any other clothing. However, keep in mind that you should wash organic clothing in either cold or warm water. Always air dry organic clothing, and if you can’t, toss the clothing in the dryer on low heat. If you’re worried about bamboo clothing shrinking, you can take comfort in knowing most bamboo clothing comes pre-shrunk. 

The Takeaway

From tops to pull-on pants, there are many organic apparel pieces to choose from for your baby. Want to check out other types of organic clothing for you and your baby? If so, check out the links listed below.

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