Guide to Buying Bamboo Baby Socks

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What fabric is best for babies? Are bamboo socks any good? Whatever the question, the Yes, It’s Organic team has the answer! Our guide will help you learn the benefits of bamboo material and discover the top-rated bamboo baby socks. You’ll also find the best ways to take care of organic baby socks, including the washing and drying procedures. Let’s dive in!

Are Bamboo Socks Worth It?

In short, yes! Any piece of clothing ethically made from the bamboo plant is an excellent choice for anyone who cares about themselves and the planet. Bamboo baby socks have many desirable characteristics, including:

  • Breathability
  • Absorbency
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Softness
  • Resistance to bacteria

This fabric is possibly the best choice for babies and their delicate skins. Keep reading to learn more about bamboo’s qualities compared to other materials.

Why Should You Choose Bamboo Over Wool or Cotton?

One of the best things about bamboo products is how soft they are—garments made from bamboo feel even smoother than cotton clothing. This cashmere-like softness makes bamboo socks extremely comfortable, which is crucial for a good pair of socks. That’s why wool isn’t a good choice; wool socks are great for winter nights but can make your feet too hot or even itchy during other seasons. Wool also makes them difficult to care for, while bamboo baby clothing is low-maintenance.

Thanks to the minuscule openings in the bamboo fiber, bamboo toddler socks are breathable and highly absorbent. For these reasons, you don’t have to worry about your little one’s feet sweating throughout the day. On top of all these reasons, we also must add that bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics.

Best-Selling Bamboo Baby Socks + Booties

Whether you’re searching for bamboo toddler socks or organic infant socks, we’ll help you find the most comfortable pair for your kid. Our team looked into many organic baby brands and bamboo socks reviews to single out the best products. In addition to top bamboo baby socks, we included the customers’ favorite bamboo booties.

1. Bamboo Stretch Kids Ankle Socks

Made from 82% bamboo and 18% spandex, these beautiful bamboo toddler socks are available in five-piece sets. Whether you want all-white socks or the colorful set from the picture, you’ll be able to purchase it in any size. The store offers bamboo socks for infants, toddlers, and children of up to eleven years.

Thanks to the easy-fitting elastic band around the ankle area, socks will provide enough room for the skin to breathe. Check the product on Amazon to discover the price or purchase it in a few clicks!

2. Squid Socks for Infants and Toddler

Squid Socks is a Washington-based, family-owned company, which makes baby socks that stay on baby’s feet. These socks have silicone dots inside the cuffs that hold them on children’s feet without causing any pressure on their legs. Thanks to bamboo, they are also buttery soft and incredibly breathable.

Pre-washed and available in several sizes suitable for newborn babies and toddlers, these socks are everything your kid needs. Check the pricing on Amazon, and purchase this incredible three-piece set in no time!

3. Silky Toes Infant Bamboo Socks

The Silky Toes brand offers a variety of footwear and legwear products for adults and children. Its bamboo baby socks keep babies’ feet super comfortable all day, while also being highly absorbent and durable. 

The set includes six socks available in different colors and sizes to match all your baby’s or toddler’s outfits. Socks come in beautiful boxes, making them a cute and presentable baby shower gift. This set is also the most affordable option—check its price on Amazon.

Bonus: Bamboo/Organic Cotton Baby Booties

Baby booties might be an even better choice for newborn babies than organic cotton baby socks. The combination of bamboo and organic cotton makes these booties ultra-soft, while a variety of patterns and colors makes them suitable for both boys and girls.

Thanks to a two-part closure system, boots will stay on the baby’s feet for as long as you want, and your kid will be comfortable in them since they are adjustable. They are more expensive than bamboo baby socks but also more durable. Check the prices on Amazon.

How To Wash or Dry Your Baby’s Bamboo Socks

Many parents worry that bamboo socks won’t be as fluffy after washing, but they will actually become even softer! For this reason, we suggest that you wash them before use. Go through our helpful tips to learn how to take proper care of your baby’s bamboo socks.

  • Wash in cold or warm water
  • Use a gentle laundry detergent
  • Line dry the socks 
  • Use a dryer only if necessary and at a low setting

Avoid bleach and high temperatures. Also, be sure not to store the socks in a drawer near a radiator or any heat source; this may damage the fibers, so we suggest moving them to a cooler place.

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