Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set

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Newborns and small infants will enjoy pure softness when they sleep on the Bamboo Viscose Muslin Crib Sheets. Made of 100% bamboo viscose, these sheets boast luxurious softness and enhanced breathability. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of bamboo muslin and why your baby needs a Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set. 

The Best Crib Sheet Set by the Pure Fiber Store

The Bamboo Viscose Muslin Crib Sheet Set is made from bamboo viscose fabric, which is soft to the touch and requires minimal maintenance. The bamboo viscose material is hypoallergenic, so it’s an excellent crib set for babies with sensitive skin. The sheets are also lightweight and breathable, which makes it easier to keep your baby cool and comfortable, just like with bamboo bath towels. Aside from these beneficial characteristics, the Pure Fiber sheet sets also look great and are suitable for both boys and girls!

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How Much Does the Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set Cost?

The set is a 3-piece set. You get a fitted blanket along with a baby blanket and security blanket. The Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set normally costs $49.99 from Pure Fiber. You can sometimes catch it on sale, though, for up to 35% or more off the normal price. Right now it’s on sale for $31.85.

What Are the Best Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Alternatives on the Market?

We looked into alternatives to Pure Fiber’s baby bedding products and discover a few low-cost alternatives.

1. Boho Style Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheets


This Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet set is gender-neutral, making it the perfect gift for a baby shower when the baby’s gender is unknown. 

Made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton Muslin, the set is particularly favored by those shopping for hypoallergenic crib sheets. Because it’s machine washable and ready to use out of the package, moms of all types love this crib sheet set for their new babies. It is best to check prices on Amazon.

2. LifeTree Crib Sheets for Baby Boys Girls


This is another one of our favorite alternatives to Pure Fiber’s Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set. The sheets are perfect for both genders and designed to keep your baby cool during warmer nights and warm during cold nights. 

You can wash them with other items if you want, but make sure they are made out of the same fabric. The Boho Rainbow print used on the sheets is great for helping you achieve a gentle bohemian tone in your baby’s room. Click here to check pricing on Amazon.

3. Little Unicorn – Cross Fitted Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet


Made of 100% cotton muslin, this sheet will ensure that your baby has sweet dreams and peaceful naps. Whether you’re trying to achieve a whimsical or traditional look in your baby’s sleeping area, this sheet compliments just about any type of baby bedroom decor. 

Looking for a sheet that gets softer with each wash? Look no further. This sheet’s fabric is the best choice and a perfect bedding accessory for your baby’s crib. Do not forget to check pricing on Amazon for this product.

Here are the dimensions of the Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set products:

  • Security blanket: 14W x 14L”
  • Fitted blanket: 28W x  52L x 8″
  • Baby blanket: 30W x 47L”

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set

Because this Muslin Crib Sheet Set is made from organic bamboo viscose, you’ll want to follow these helpful tips when washing and drying any of the blankets. 

  • Machine wash with cold water
  • Use gentle detergent (avoid detergents that have bleach)
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low heat
  • Wash separately or all together but with no other clothing or bedding
  • DO NOT dry clean
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