Women’s Guide to Finding the Best Bamboo Pants

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The Yes, It’s Organic team tries hard to provide all the information our eco-friendly users need when purchasing organic garments. Whether you’re searching for comfy bamboo lounge pants, pajama pants, or training pants, this is the guide for you! Keep reading to discover how to find the best product, and check out the top 5 bamboo pants on the market. You’ll also learn a few helpful tips on washing and drying your organic bamboo clothing.

Is Bamboo Fabric Sustainable?

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant when grown under controlled conditions. Bamboo plants require little water and no artificial fertilizers or harsh pesticides to advance—they grow rapidly on their own.

However, many bamboo garments available on the market are a form of rayon, which is manufactured using harsh chemicals. That’s why you should be careful when purchasing any bamboo product. Natural bamboo or bamboo linen is the safest option; bamboo viscose is the second-best choice, while conventional rayon made from bamboo is not as eco-friendly as you may have thought. The following section will help you find a suitable organic product.

How To Shop for Bamboo Garments

Don’t take any seller’s claims at face value—investigate them. If shopping in a store, read the tags carefully. Before purchasing anything online, research the company and read customer reviews for the item. 

If you notice anything suspicious, search for alternatives. The number of organic product suppliers is getting larger every year, so you’ll probably find a substitute that may have a valid GOTS certification or another proof of safe and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Why Should You Get a Pair of Bamboo Pants?

The answer to this question is not short—there are plenty of reasons! Go through the main qualities of bamboo pants:

  • Highly breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Soft & comfortable
  • Stretchier than cotton
  • Hypoallergenic

Non-polluting bamboo fibers are gentle to the planet and the skin alike. This thin yet strong and durable material is appropriate for various activities, from sleeping to training. So, whether you plan to relax or do yoga, at least one of the products from the following section will meet all your needs!

Best-Selling Bamboo Pants for Women

Avoid the time-consuming search for a reliable manufacturer—let us help you find the most convenient pair of bamboo pants! Whether you need pants to relax, exercise, or sleep in, go through our top 5 picks and find what works for you. Choose from several different models that come in a variety of colors!

1. WiWi Women’s Bamboo Lounge Wide Leg Pants


The WiWi bamboo lounge pants are originally designed for yoga and exercise, but they are also a perfect sleepwear option. A combination of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex makes these pants silky soft and highly breathable.

Available in over a dozen shades of both dark and light colors, the WiWi skin-friendly bamboo pants are certainly worth the cost. Check prices on Amazon for this product.

2. Bamboo Lounge Joggers Pants with Pockets


These yoga pants with pockets are also a mix of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex. The lightweight fabric gives zero-pressure comfort and is super stretchy, making it an ideal material for bamboo sweatpants.

Available in black, navy, and three shades of gray, the GYS bamboo pants with pockets are suitable for gym, jogging, sleeping, and relaxing at home. They would also make a perfect gift. Don’t forget to check pricing on Amazon.

3. NACHILA Women’s Bamboo Lounge Pants with Pockets


Here’s another pair of cozy bamboo pants with pockets available in three basic colors and at a slightly lower price. The NACHILA bamboo sweatpants are made from 65% bamboo viscose, 28% acrylic, and 7% spandex.

Each pair has an elastic band with an adjustable drawstring and two large pockets. Since the pants are shrink-resistant and guarantee no pilling, the price is a bargain!. It will be best to check pricing on Amazon.

4. BAMBOO COOL Women’s Pajama Pants


These bamboo pajama pants are a combination of 65% bamboo viscose and 35% cotton. They will make your sleeping environment cozy and pleasant, while the baggy fit will give you total freedom of movement.

Bamboo pajamas come in several different patterns predominantly in pink and blue colors. Whatever your body type is, be sure that they will fit perfectly! Check pricing on Amazon for this product.

5. Boody Women’s Bamboo Legging


If searching for ethically-made bamboo training pants, the Boody bamboo leggings are your go-to choice! Made from 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon, and 7% spandex, they are both thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking.

Perfect for yoga and exercising, and long enough for women of all heights, these black leggings fit the bill of all fitness enthusiasts. Check prices on Amazon for this product.

How To Wash and Dry Your Bamboo Pants

Bamboo products are durable but only if you take care of them properly; so, knowing how to care for your bamboo garments is crucial. To help you out, we’ve created a list of some dos and don’ts. Follow the guidelines to keep your bamboo pants comfortable and soft for years.

WashingHand wash or machine wash on delicate
DryingHang drying is recommended
IroningIron on low temperature only if necessary
AvoidBleach and harsh stain removers

Bottom Line

Purchasing bamboo pants is a great investment in your wardrobe, just be sure to do research whenever you come across an unknown manufacturer. To make sure a seller is reliable and a product is 100% organic, use our guide and opt for one of our top picks. If searching for another bamboo product, go through the following guides to find the best-selling options:

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