How to Shop for the Best Bamboo Throw Blanket

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The bamboo tree is renowned for its tenacity; it’s a robust plant that develops swiftly and repels insects without the need for harmful pesticides. Even after processing, the bamboo fabric retains much of the plant’s original, inherent strength, making it a strong, durable material. That’s why a lot of people favor bamboo throw blankets. 

Keep reading to learn more about the many reasons to throw a bamboo throw blanket on the bed or sofa. 

What Are Bamboo Throw Blankets?

Bamboo cloth is often compared to cashmere. Fabrics made of bamboo are ideal for spaces and rooms throughout the entire house because they are both smooth and silky soft while also being surprisingly resilient. In terms of softness and comfort, a 100% bamboo bed sheet with a high thread count will surpass an equal cotton sheet.

Are Bamboo Throw Blankets Good for Health?

Bamboo, unlike other fabrics, does not require any chemical processing throughout the manufacturing process. It’s caused by the plant’s natural antimicrobial characteristics and the presence of a natural antibacterial agent linked to a bamboo cellulose molecule. You may have previously heard of the antibacterial cellulose molecule known as “bamboo Kun.”

Bamboo retains its antibacterial characteristics during the manufacturing process and, even after being washed 50 times, still demonstrates bacteria resistance.

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Throws and Blankets?

Bamboo throws do an excellent job of regulating body temperature while you sleep. How? It starts with the manufacturing process.

When manufactured into a fiber, bamboo is highly porous, allowing the material to breathe. As a result, you stay dry and comfy when using bamboo bedding. Bamboo fibers are also far more wrinkle-resistant than cotton or linen fabrics.

Are Bamboo Weighted Blankets Worth Using?

Bamboo weighted blankets are light, breathable, and regulate body temperature. They’re the ideal weighted blanket for hot sleepers since they provide a hug-like sensation from deep tissue stimulation while remaining cool and dry to the touch.

If you’ve ever felt like all you have to do is look at a cotton duvet cover to see a hundred creases, you’ll find that a weighted blanket with a bamboo cover requires far less (or even no) ironing. And even if your bamboo cover appears to require ironing after washing, it can be ironed at a lower temperature than cotton.

Best-Rated Bamboo Throw Blankets on Amazon

You can shop for some of the best-rated bamboo throw blankets from home or while you’re on the subway to work. If you like shopping on Amazon, make sure to check out these organic throw blankets and enjoy fast shipping and other potential Prime member perks. 

1. 100% Bamboo Viscose Throw Blanket, Cooling Blanket 


This woven throw blanket is made of 100% natural bamboo viscose and is soft and breathable, making it especially ideal as a sweat-absorbing material. It keeps you cooler in the summer than regular blankets, and it’s perfect for cool, breezy nights. 

The blanket’s primary material is natural bamboo, which is entirely renewable and environmentally friendly. Also worth noting is that the cooling blanket is safe for users, thanks to its green manufacturing process. Check pricing on Amazon for this product.

2. Jane&Hong Double Bamboo Fiber Throw Blanket


This blanket is skin-friendly, easy to keep warm, and easy to wash. It’s also a blanket that uses thicker fabric yet is lightweight enough to take just about anywhere you like. Versatile and comfy, this 30 × 40″ throw blanket is super soft, warm, light, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It will be best to check prices on Amazon.

3. NTBAY Natural Bamboo Cable Knit Throw Blanket


This blanket is 51 x 67 inches and is made of natural bamboo that has a remarkable ability to maintain its shape. It’s silky smooth and softer than cotton, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

It’s also highly breathable and cool to the touch. In warmer conditions, the cooling blanket can keep you cool and dry while also assisting you in falling asleep faster. Do not forget to check pricing on Amazon.

How To Shop for Bamboo Throw Blankets

The first thing you need to do when shopping for bamboo throw blankets is to remember different types of bamboo fabrics. Bamboo linen is not as soft as other types of linen. It’s produced in the same way as cotton linen and is just as prone to creasing, but there are also Bamboo/Cotton blends, so read the packing label carefully to ensure you’re purchasing 100% bamboo bed material.

Bamboo fibers, like cotton, can be woven in various ways, affecting the ultimate feel and performance of your organic bamboo throw blankets.

Bamboo throw blankets have been seen in both twill and sateen weaves. Twill weave is a common type of weave that can be found in a variety of products, whereas sateen weave gives materials a silkier, more luxurious feel.

While most bamboo throw blankets come in the conventional white, off-white, and cream colors, plenty of online retailers and department stores offer them in a wide range of colors, from spa-like blues to stone grays and browns.

How To Take Care of Bamboo Throws

Always read and follow the care instructions on your organic throw blankets. 

Even though bamboo throw blankets are durable, you can ensure their longevity by adequately caring for them. And although most can be washed and dried in the machine, it’s essential to wash on a low, warm, or cold setting and tumble dry on a low setting in general.

To avoid wrinkling, remove any organic materials from the dryer as soon as possible and place them straight on your bed. For a variety of reasons, you should also consider investing in a solid mattress protector.

The Bottom Line

Bamboo is a one-of-a-kind material that’s soft to the touch and boasts antimicrobial qualities. And since it’s antibacterial, this means it has the added benefit of helping reduce skin inflammation. It’s also worth noting that bamboo doesn’t decay or decompose spontaneously due to diseases. All in all, an organic bamboo throw blanket might be precisely what your bed or sofa needs. 

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