Switching from conventional bedding to organic sheets is all the rage now. However, many consumers still have trouble deciding, not whether to change their bedding, but which option to pick while at it. It might be a little confusing, so we decided to help you out! In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to choose between bamboo vs. cotton sheets.

Organic bedding is the way to go, we fully agree. When you decide to opt for organic and more environmentally-friendly bed sheets, there are quite a few options in the market, and cotton and bamboo products are the most popular ones. Keep reading to find out more about each type of organic bedding before you choose the one for you.

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

When you purchase sheets that claim to be bamboo sheets, it typically means that they are fabrics made from bamboo. The general fibers made from bamboo are rayon, viscose, or modal fabric. The option of switching to bamboo is great because they are more easily grown than cotton plants. Not only is less water consumed in the process of manufacturing bamboo sheets, but there are also fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

Bamboo sheets are similar to cotton sheets; you will be able to feel the softness and lightness most commonly associated with cotton. Although the start of the bamboo processing seems like a highly sustainable road to go, the rest of the process is not exactly as rosy. All the most popular bamboo fibers like rayon need viscose to be fully converted into sheets, and many manufacturers turn to chemicals during this process.

If consumers feel the need to eliminate any viscose getting into the process, then they would have to purchase bamboo linen. This is a less popular bamboo fiber that is highly sustainable but slightly rough to touch, and it wrinkles pretty easily.

What Are Cotton Sheets?

Next up on bamboo vs. cotton sheets, cotton is the most widely used material to make bedding, clothes, etc., due to its easy care and handling. This material is soft and comfortable, and the shelf life of high-quality cotton products is quite impressive as they can last for years. Generally, the cotton used to make bedding can be classified into regular cotton, Pima cotton, and Egyptian cotton. In most cases, the bed sheets result from a mix of both types of cotton.

The regular type of cotton is mass-produced in various countries without following any organic farming techniques. As a result, it has a short shelf life and needs to be replaced relatively often. Pima cotton is of decent quality; it can be affordable and durable. The final type of cotton, Egyptian cotton, is the best variation as its got extra-long staples and is the most long-lasting option.

Naturally, the fabric with more extra-long staples is smoother and of better quality. For this reason, Egyptian cotton is the go-to choice for the production of luxury bedding, while a mix is used for a more affordable sheet option. If your budget has room to afford high-quality sheets, buying Egyptian cotton would be a sensible option. If you wish to purchase an inexpensive product without compromising too much on the quality, go for a blend that would be safe for you, your pocket, and our planet!

Bamboo vs. Cotton Sheets: What’s the Difference?

Now that you have a brief understanding of bamboo and cotton sheets, we can draw a parallel for you to decide which type of sheets you would like to invest in. The table below lists the features of bamboo vs. cotton sheets; read it through to compare all the characteristics and find the right product for your bedroom.


Cotton Sheets

Bamboo Sheets


Softer with age and known for durabilitySuper durable and do not fade as time goes by


Reasonably priced in most casesUsually pricier than cotton sheets, but it depends on the bamboo percentage


High-quality sheets, as long as they are manufactured properlyMostly of superb quality


Machine washable and extremely easy to care forMachine washable and suitable for both air and tumble drying


We hope you could find the info you were looking for and did not have too much trouble making up your mind when it comes to bamboo vs. cotton sheets. Whichever sheet option you pick out for you and your family, it will be a much better choice than conventional sheets. This might seem like a trivial aspect of your life, but don’t forget that you are contributing to the planet’s health in your small way. If you plan to switch to organic, check out our articles on organic bedding or learn more about Bamboo vs. Eucalyptus Sheets.