The Best Bamboo Robes

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Robes are the perfect accessory to any wardrobe and bathroom. They provide convenient comfort, year-round versatility, and they’re excellent for wearing at the beach or lake. But not all robes are made one and the same. If you’re shopping for a robe that delivers ultimate comfort, has antimicrobial properties, and is hypoallergenic, then a bamboo robe is exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about the best bamboo robes and why your closet needs one. 

What Are Bamboo Robes?

Just like bamboo bath towels, bamboo robes are highly preferred by those striving to follow an organic lifestyle. These robes are made out of bamboo fabric, which is manufactured from bamboo plants. 

To create bamboo fabric, the bamboo plants go through a dissolving process once they are cut. Once the plants have fully dissolved, they are pressed into fibers. After being pressed into fibers, they are spun into threads, which are then woven into fabric.

Are Bamboo Robes Good for Health?

Bamboo robes offer a slew of benefits to not only your health but to the environment as well. In addition to antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, some of the most notable benefits of this fabric are:

  • Stronger than cotton
  • Just as soft as cotton
  • More absorbent than cotton
  • Breathes easier than cotton 
  • Impressively insulating
  • Easy to Maintain

Robes made out of bamboo are good for the environment because: 

  • They are self-replenishing
  • Manufacturers use fewer chemicals than cotton
  • Bamboo plants grow really fast

Best Bamboo Robes on Amazon

Amazon offers a wide variety of bamboo bathrobes to choose from. Here’s our list of the top 3 bamboo robes. 

1. Amorbella Bamboo Robe with Pockets


Made from: 

  • 95% bamboo viscose
  • 5% spandex

This bamboo robe is extremely thin to keep you cool during the warmer months and at night. Its mid-thigh length also contributes to keeping you cool. It’s ideal for lounging, sleeping, bridal showers, travel, and more. It also makes a great gift to all the favorite women in your life. Click here to check prices on Amazon.

2. Latuza Bamboo 3/4 Sleeves Robe with Pockets


Made from:

  • 95% bamboo viscose
  • 5% spandex

This is another one of the best bamboo robes on Amazon, and, like the one mentioned above, it has three-quarter length sleeves along with pockets. You’ll love how it’s knee-length and especially how easy it is to maintain with cold gentle washes and low heat. It is best to check prices on Amazon.

3. Posh Peanut Mommy Robe for Maternity


Made from: 

  • 95% bamboo viscose
  • 5% spandex

Looking for a bamboo bathrobe that’s designed specifically for nursing mothers? If so, you’ll adore this one. It’ll surely add a lot of comfort and convenience after delivery and once you get back home. It will be best to check prices on Amazon.

How To Shop for Bamboo Bathrobes

When shopping for bamboo robes on Amazon or from any retailer, keep in mind that the bamboo used to make the robes is usually referred to as viscose. This means that labels typically have a material percentage in % viscose.

How To Take Care of Bamboo Robes

To take care of robes made out of bamboo fabric, it’s important to wash and dry them correctly, so make sure to follow these tips:

DetergentRegular detergent
Water TemperatureCold to warm
Washer CycleGentle or permanent press
Dryer CycleLow heat or air-dry
Special TreatmentsDo not use chlorine bleach
Ironing SettingsLow
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