Why Organic Cotton Duvet Covers are the Best Choice for Your Bedroom Decor

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A lot of elements impact your ability to get a good night’s rest. This includes everything from your bedroom’s lighting to the comforter on the bed and even the type of music playing in the background when you sleep. Another excellent way to achieve a better night’s rest is to update your bedding with an organic cotton duvet cover. If you’re thinking about getting one, keep reading—we’ve put together a helpful guide on the benefits of organic cotton duvet covers, as well as our top 3 picks.

Introduction: Why Should I Choose to Buy an Organic Duvet Cover?

Duvets offer ultimate convenience. If you’re tired of having to put away the whole comforter when switching between seasonal bedding, then a duvet is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whether you tend to stay cold or warm while sleeping, make sure to shop for a duvet made out of organic cotton. The bedding’s organic material breathes easier, and it’s exceptionally soft. Organic duvets are also naturally hypoallergenic and produced using eco-friendly dyes.

Some people consider duvets and comforters one and the same, but in all actuality, they are not. A comforter is a single piece of bedding, while a duvet consists of two pieces. Comforters are also typically quilted and have an even distribution of filling. Duvets, on the other hand, use an insert to serve the purpose of the filling.

The Environmental Impact of Non-Organic Fabric & Possible Health Risks

Non-organic fabric is detrimental to the environment. Such cotton is produced using pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals, which may have harmful effects on both farmers and consumers. It also requires far more water to grow and produces more carbon dioxide equivalents. To help preserve biodiversity and protect our environment and health, opt for organic products, whether those are cotton duvet covers or organic wool-filled pillows.

Three Best-Rated Best Organic Cotton Duvet Covers on Amazon

Here’s a quick look at our top 3 picks of today’s most affordable, high-quality organic cotton duvet covers. 

1. King Duvet Cover – 500-Thread-Count Organic Cotton Duvet Cover


Utilizing a 5” inner envelope flap along with the assistance of 4 corner ties and 2 middle ties, the duvet’s inserts are securely held in place. 

On the envelope flap, two inches of nine quality buttons and closures help reinforce the quality of this duvet cover. King / California King Covers are sized at 106” x 90” and is a perfect companion to your duvet insert. It comes in eco-friendly packaging. Check prices on Amazon.

2. Makemake Organics Organic Duvet Cover Full/Queen


This organic cotton duvet cover earns a spot on our list of the best covers because of its consciously thoughtful design. It is especially ideal for kid’s rooms, and thanks to its neutral palette color, it goes great in any kid’s room. 

The duvet set’s irresistibly cotton sateen will have the kiddos going to sleep in pure comfort every night, which can make all the difference in the kids’ moods when they awake in the morning.  It is best to check prices on Amazon.

3. Melingo Cotton Duvet Cover Queen Full Size


Available in several beautiful, calming colors, these duvet covers are ideal for any bedroom decor and both Queen and King beds. Covers are easy to care for and machine-washable; follow the instructions below to keep your organic duvet covers soft and comfy for years! Check prices on Amazon for this reliable and durable duvet cover set.

What Is the Best Fabric When Shopping for a Duvet? 

Cotton is typically used when making duvet covers. In fact, most are made out of cotton, and for good reason. Cotton duvets are easy to maintain when it comes to washing and drying them, and they are extremely soft. However, organic cotton duvets are even better!

Organic cotton has a neutral smell, is hypoallergenic, and is well known for its longevity. It also brings several advantages to Mother Nature, like being safe for livestock and minimizing water wastage in the manufacturing process.

How to Take Care of Organic Duvet Covers

There’s no need to fret about taking care of your duvet. When you buy an organic cotton duvet, you get to go to sleep easier knowing your bedding no longer requires heavy maintenance and care. Instead, you can follow these helpful tips to ensure you take proper care of your cover. 

  • Do not add fabric softener (organic cotton softens itself)
  • Don’t wash with anything else
  • The first wash should be in cold water
  • Add normal or mild detergent
  • Wash inside out
  • Wash on gentle or delicate cycle
  • Reshape while damp
  • Tumble dry on low heat
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