Shopping Guide: Children’s Edible Organic Finger Paint

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EPA’s TEAM studies reported levels of pollutants to be at least a couple of times higher inside our homes than outside. That’s a disturbing fact for all of us but especially our little ones; if you’re searching for a compelling reason to switch to organic products, we believe you’ve found it. Organic bedding, clothing, and toys will create a safe, toxin-free environment for your baby and contribute to preserving our planet. Children’s edible organic finger paint will help your kid develop and save you from worry if the paint ends up in your baby’s mouth or on their skin and clothes.

What Is Children’s Edible Organic Finger Paint?

Children’s edible organic finger paint is an environmentally-friendly product ideal for babies and toddlers who tend to place their fingers into their mouths. It’s non-toxic and safe but not tasty—we don’t want to encourage our kids to eat the paint. Most organic finger paints come in organic fruit or veggie-based powders, which create beautiful colors when you mix them with water.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Finger Painting?

In addition to being safe for your kid, organic paints help preserve our environment, and eco-conscious moms love them! The paint allows children to paint freely and enjoy the activity to the fullest. Get one for your toddler to help them stimulate creativity and develop the following skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Concentration
  • Hand-eye coordination

Top 5 Best-Selling Organic Finger Paint for Kids

Children’s edible organic finger paint is all the rage now, and both parents and kids love it! With so many organic manufacturers and sellers, you may have an issue finding the best one. To help you out, the Yes, It’s Organic team looked into all the products on Amazon and selected to best-rated ones, including the most popular and vegan-friendly Veggie Baby finger paint.

1. Veggie Baby Finger Paints for Toddlers

Veggie Baby Children’s Edible Organic Finger Paint

The Veggie Baby Store offers the most popular children’s edible organic finger paint. It’s made from natural and organic veggies free of sugar, dairy, nut, and gluten. Veggie Baby finger paints are available in yellow, purple, green, orange, and pink. Check the product on Amazon for additional information or to purchase it in a few clicks!

2. Lasten Eco-Friendly Finger Paint Set for Kids

Children’s Edible Organic Finger Paint

The Lasten brand provides fun finger paints available in a dozen of natural colors and tubes of 30 ml or 236 ml. The natural ingredients include plant pigment, cellulose, and water, making them perfectly safe and eco-friendly. These organic and colorful finger paints are easy to use or wash, and you can purchase a set on Amazon for a bargain price! 

3. Happlee Non-Toxic Washable Finger Paint for Kids

Children’s Edible Organic Finger Paint

Available in twelve bright colors, the Happlee paint is safe, washable, and fun! It’s suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin and recyclable, so all climate-friendly parents will love it. These dairy-free finger paints come in a nice box, making them easy to organize or perfect for a birthday gift. Purchase the product on Amazon to get the best deal!

4. Jar Melo Non-Toxic Finger Paint for Toddlers

Children’s Edible Organic Finger Paint

The Jar Melo store offers several sets of organic finger paint, and you can also get 30 sheets of paint paper for $9.99. The paint is tested and contains no toxic ingredients like asbestos and lead. Even allergy-prone kids will find it safe to play with, even if they put paint-covered fingers in their mouth. Check out the product on Amazon for pricing or additional info.

5. iMustech Non-Toxic Finger Paints for Toddlers

This finger painting kit is non-toxic and perfect for toddlers—don’t hesitate to stimulate your kid’s imagination with the iMustech safe paint. Although the paints are easy to clean, we suggest that you place your child away from pricey carpets or furniture. The set is reasonably-priced, and you can purchase it on Amazon in no time!

How To Clean Up Baby Finger Paints

During playtime, most of the paint usually ends up on the kids’ skin and clothes, but organic finger paints give them an easy way out! All the products in our best-seller list are super easy to wash off using warm water and soap. Depending on the amount of paint, you might have to apply soap a couple of times. Although most paints won’t stain your carpet or furniture, we suggest keeping the kid away from it just to be on the safe side.

We have one extra tip for you! Apply a baby lotion on your toddler’s hands and face before painting; it will act as a sort of a barrier and make the cleaning process significantly easier.

Bonus Tip: Make Your Own Safe & Edible Finger Paint

If you find the organic paint expensive or unreliable, we offer an alternative—create your own homemade finger paint. Take some gluten-free starch or all-purpose flour and mixed it with water, a single teaspoon of salt, and natural color. To give it a little sparkle, add several drops of liquid soap. If you don’t have natural tints or aren’t sure how to create a bold color, we suggest using turmeric, acai berry powder, or goji powder.  You may also use some juice or boil foods like spinach to create a completely edible food coloring.

Bottom Line

Organic is the way to go, and our international team will help you learn everything you need to know about diverse organic products for your little one. Create a healthy environment for your baby by providing them with 100% organic bedding, clothing, and sleepwear. We offer information on various Organic Baby Items, including but not limited to the following products. Click on any link to learn more.

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