Elite Tencel Duvet Set

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When it comes to shopping for comforters and duvets, you’ll have several things to consider, and choosing the best fabric is the most vital aspect. Keep reading to learn why picking an elite Tencel duvet set is the smart choice.

What Is the Difference Between Duvets and Comforters?

Although duvet sets and comforters cover a bed, they are not the same. The primary distinction between duvets and comforters is that the latter is a single piece of bedding. On the other hand, a duvet consists of an insert and a cover. 

Another key difference is that the comforter’s filling is usually equally dispersed and quilted, whereas a duvet contains an insert that serves as the fill.

What Is Tencel Fiber?

Tencel fiber is an all-natural, environmentally-friendly option for duvet inners. This natural fiberfill is soft, sanitary, and toasty, allowing you to sleep well every night.

While Tencel is a more environmentally friendly material, organic cotton is also natural, hypoallergenic, and a fantastic fabric for duvet sets. So, when shopping for a duvet set, it will come down to your personal preferences and budget when choosing between the two materials.

Elite Tencel Duvet Set by Pure Fiber

This single-ply, eco-friendly Elite Tencel Duvet Cover & Shams set is available in a 300-thread count. It boasts remarkable softness coupled with an incredible capacity to control moisture, which is vital in keeping your comforter fresh and clean. Its long-lasting softness with improved breathability is all you’ll need for a restful night’s sleep. Not to mention that it reduces bacteria growth and prevents skin irritation. You can order your own Elite Tencel Duvet Set right now from Pure Fiber for only $55.00.

Elite Tencel Duvet Set Features:

  • 100% Tencel fabric
  • 300 Thread count
  • Silky soft with enhanced breathability
  • Biodegradable
  • Moisture controlling

Full / Queen Size:

  • Duvet cover: 88W x 92L”
  • Sham: 20W x 26L”

King / California King:

  • Duvet cover: 92W x 108L”
  • Sham: 20W x 36L”

What Are the Best Alternatives to the Elite Tencel Duvet Set?

There are more than a few reasons to add a duvet set to your bedroom. You can modify the appearance of your bedroom for a lower cost with a duvet set. Duvet covers are also ideal because they are easy to clean and simple to swap out and store. Plus, you can always convert the duvet to a flat sheet. 

Looking for an alternative to the Pure Fiber’s Elite Tencel Duvet Set? If so, check out these three Tencel duvet sets on Amazon. 

1. 100% Tencel Lyocell Duvet Cover Set


If you’re looking for a duvet set that is 500 times softer and smoother than cotton, this is the set for you. It’s more breathable and durable than even the finest cotton, and it’ll add luxury to your bedroom while also providing a comfortable night’s sleep. This set is also the most affordable option out of our top picks. Check pricing on Amazon for this product.

2. SUPERIOR 600-Thread Count Tencel Polyester Solid Duvet Cover Set


Superior is known for making some of the best bedding in affordable luxury. This duvet set is made of Tencel mixed with just the right quantity of polyester to create an ideal marriage of natural bed linens with all the benefits of enhanced fibers. You’ll enjoy silky soft, breathable fabric along with the peace of mind in knowing the duvet is sturdy and long-lasting. It will be best to check pricing on Amazon.

3. Welhome Penfold Cotton Tencel Lyocell 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set


It’s time to sleep like royalty, and it starts with this Penfold duvet cover set. You’ll have no trouble coordinating and matching this duvet set with your existing or new bedroom decor, thanks to the option to choose from a gorgeous Medallion Print with a reversible solid back or a completely solid set. For a restful night’s sleep, corner ties and a hidden button fastening come in handy. Do not forget to check pricing on Amazon.

How To Take Care of a Tencel Duvet Cover

Wash your Tencel duvet set in cold water on a gentle cycle whenever possible. To avoid harming, use a moderate (ideally biodegradable) detergent. If you’re using a light detergent, wait until it’s completely dissolved in the water before placing the item in the washer.

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