The Best Eucalyptus Sheets in 2022

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People are getting more and more aware of the importance of organic sheets and organic bedding in general. Although many consumers still have doubts whether organic cotton and bamboo are produced in an eco-friendly fashion, we can all agree that eucalyptus is the best choice. This article will help you learn about eucalyptus bed sheets, compare them to other bedding materials, and find the best products on Amazon. We also provide some handy tips on how to clean your eucalyptus sheets the right way.

How Sustainable is Eucalyptus Bedding?

Eucalyptus trees are sustainable because they grow without consuming too much water and other resources. To make the eucalyptus fabric, manufacturers first process the plant until it turns into a mushy pulp and then convert the wood pulp into the material. Any fiber that goes through this conversion process is called lyocell; this is the term you’ll often see while shopping for eucalyptus sheets. You may also see the word Tencel, which is a branded form of lyocell. To learn more about this type of fabric, check out Elite Tencel Sheets or Tencel Lyocell Sheets.

Are Eucalyptus Sheets of Good Quality?

In short, yes! Purchasing a eucalyptus sheet set is an excellent idea if you search for high-quality sheets that are highly durable, cozy, and buttery soft. These are also more absorbent than cotton and have moisture-wicking properties that make them ideal for hot sleepers. The naturally cooling fabric is also hypoallergenic and produced without toxic chemicals, so it’s safe for humans and pets alike. If you’re prone to allergies or breakouts, eucalyptus sheets are the perfect choice for you. And, since the manufacturing process is climate-friendly and non-polluting, they are also a responsible choice.

Eucalyptus Sheets vs. Bamboo Sheets

Choosing between eucalyptus and bamboo can be quite a tough call to make. Both materials are highly breathable and easy to wash and dry. However, some bamboo sheets crease over time, while eucalyptus bedding is wrinkle-resistant and, therefore, a more time-efficient choice. Eucalyptus sheets tend to be more durable as well; while they don’t undergo any chemical treatment, some bamboo sheets do. 

Bamboo sheets are more affordable and can be just as good; just don’t forget to look into the manufacturer and check if the product is genuinely eco-friendly. If you’re okay with spending more money, go for eucalyptus. For a detailed comparison, click on Bamboo vs. Eucalyptus Sheets.

Eucalyptus Sheets vs. Cotton Sheets

Eucalyptus bed sheets are known for their silky softness and moisture-wicking qualities superior to cotton sheets, especially non-organic ones. They are more suitable for hot sleepers and allergy-prone adults or children, as well as any environmentally-conscious person.

If you’re willing to invest more money in your sleep environment, eucalyptus is the way to go. Customers who prefer to stay within budget but still get a good-quality product should opt for one of the following:

These organic cotton sheets are ideal alternatives to their eucalyptus counterparts, and each article offers plenty of helpful information and best-selling products.

Check Out the Best Eucalyptus Sheets on Amazon

Due to the complex, climate-friendly manufacturing process, eucalyptus sheet sets are usually pretty pricey. We looked into the best-selling sets and their prices to single out the top products and save your time and possibly money. When it comes to Oeko-Tex certified eucalyptus sheets, Amazon users recommend the following ones.

1. Sheets & Giggles 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

Eucalyptus Sheets

The Sheets & Giggles brand offers the eco-friendliest sheets derived from plants growing on biodiverse farms. They have multiple certifications, including Oeko-Tex, and guarantee a safe eucalyptus sheet set that has no harmful substances and causes no bodily reactions.

These 400-thread-count Eucalyptus sheets are incredibly smooth and have a sateen weave that gives the sheets a slight sheen and luxurious look. The bedding set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Sets are available in several gentle colors. Despite being expensive, this set is the best seller; check the price on Amazon.  

2. STYLINEN 100% Organic Eucalyptus Bed Sheets

Eucalyptus Sheets

The certified STYLINEN bedding meets environmental standards and is ideal for eco-conscious consumers or those with sensitive skin. Each set includes two sheets and two pillowcases, and it’s available in more than ten beautiful colors. It also comes in several sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King Size.

The flat sheet and pillowcases feature double-stitched seams, making the sheets long-lasting; they even have a lifetime guarantee. Thanks to a fully elasticized band, deep pockets fit over mattresses of various thicknesses. If you want high-quality, pill-resistant eucalyptus sheets, purchase the STYLINEN set on Amazon in a few clicks!

3. Buffy 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

Eucalyptus Sheets

The Buffy eucalyptus sheet set includes four pieces made from 100% certified eucalyptus lyocell. They tend to be expensive but still are a popular choice among consumers.

Double stitching guarantees extra durability, and the elastic border reduces the risk of tearing. These super soft eucalyptus sheets are available in multiple sizes and four gentle colors: white, pink, light gray, and blue. These beautiful colors come from natural, plant-based dyes. Check the product on Amazon for pricing.

How To Wash Your Eucalyptus Sheet Set

One of eucalyptus sheets’ most praised features is the softness, which even increases after every wash. However, you should pay attention to washing instructions and treat your eucalyptus sheets accordingly. Wash them with similar bedclothes and separate them from any laundry with zippers. Just to be on the safe side, we suggest always using the gentle or delicate cycle and washing the sheets in cold water. If possible, get a mild, biodegradable detergent.

How To Remove Stains From Eucalyptus Sheets

If you have a stubborn stain on your eucalyptus sheet, be sure not to use bleach to remove it. Delicate, naturally dyed sheets require a delicate stain remover, and we have a few handy tips that will help you clean your sheets without damaging them. 

  1. Stir a tablespoon of vinegar with four tablespoons of water, let it sit, and wash the sheet.
  2. Mix baking soda with warm water and leave it on the sheet for a while before washing.
  3. Get a chlorine-free stain remover, spray it on the blemish, let it sit, and then wash the sheet as usual.

Don’t have any of the ingredients? Soak the sheet in cold water to prevent the stain from spreading or setting further while you find or purchase one of the listed remedies.

What Consumers Think About Eucalyptus Sheets: Reviews

If you’re still having second thoughts, this section will help you come to a decision. We looked into eucalyptus sheets reviews to discover whether customers are satisfied with the products.

Overall, 74.3% of consumers rated their experience as excellent and gave the sheets five stars! The most loved qualities are comfort and silky smoothness that made even the pickiest buyers happy. Apparently, each eucalyptus fitted sheet from our list are deep enough to fit thick mattresses—even those with pads or toppers. A small number of customers complained about pilling after a couple of washes, so be sure to take care of the product according to instructions.

Always read reviews or ask around before you purchase your next set of eucalyptus sheets; we suggest looking into the manufacturer and checking for certificates.

Bottom Line

Organic bedding is just as important as organic food, but people are often oblivious to its value, and that’s why we’re here! Our international team tries hard to raise awareness of the importance of organic bedding and clothing, including the fantastic eucalyptus sheets. They will help you create a toxin-free sleep environment and develop healthy sleep habits.

To completely switch to organic, check out the following natural products that will improve your bedroom in many ways.

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