Sustainable fabrics are all the rage now. Manufacturers are increasing the awareness of the impact the production process has on the planet, while consumers who can afford to switch to sustainable products have started to make the slow but gradual change. Lately, a variety of different materials not related to cotton have been on the market, and one such fabric is Tencel. If you want to learn more about this type of fabric or discover if Tencel is breathable and suitable for your skin, you’re in the right place!

What Is Tencel?

Tencel is a brand name for a combination of lyocell and modal fiber. The fibers are made from sustainably-sourced natural wood using ecologically-friendly procedures, which reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Tencel falls under the category of regenerated cellulose fibers alongside rayon and other viscose-treated fabrics. Wood pulp is dissolved in a chemical solvent before being pushed through an extruder to generate fibers.

Even though Tencel may seem like a natural product, there’s more to it than just one label. Tencel is undoubtedly made from wood pulp, but since it is treated with chemicals such as viscose, the end result is actually a man-made fiber. The fabric is popularly known as “regenerated cellulose” rather than “natural” or “synthetic” in the textile industry.

Is Tencel Breathable?

Moving on to the much-awaited question “Is Tencel breathable?”, and the answer is positive. Tencel is a breathable material and is super soft to the touch. It largely replicates the feel and smoothness of cotton, which is known for its cooling and absorbent features. Similarly, Tencel has those amazing qualities while being produced with significantly fewer resources in an eco-friendly way.

Benefits of Tencel

Tencel has a lot of other benefits that you should not skip over. Check out the complete list of all Tencel’s wonderful qualities to discover why you should switch to organic now!

BreathableTencel has natural breathability and wicks away significantly more moisture than cotton. 
SustainableThe material is energy/resource-efficient, as well as totally biodegradable. 
SoftTencel is soft and feels amazing to the touch, making it easy and comfy to wear.
DurableThis amazing fiber can withstand both wet and dry conditions, and it does not fade over time.
SafeThe fabric keeps the skin dry, thus suppressing bacteria growth and making these products ideal for sensitive skin.
VersatileTencel is an excellent choice of material for a variety of products, especially bedding items.


In conclusion, Tencel is a super breathable material and can be a great substitute for cotton. The features are quite impressive, and you can buy Tencel products for a reasonable price. In addition to being budget-friendly, it’s also a great investment for yourself and the planet—many parties benefit from sustainable practices, all the way from farming to selling.

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