Organic Nursing Pillows

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The Yes, It’s Organic team has created this guide to help all mothers learn the advantages of having an organic cotton nursing pillow. We’ll explain why you should buy such a product and what are the benefits of switching to organic. You’ll also discover the top three organic nursing pillows on the market and the best-selling nursing pillow cover. Use our helpful tips to find a reliable manufacturer and get a healthy product for your little one!

What Is a Nursing Pillow?

Nursing pillows are beneficial to both mothers and their newborn babies. They sit in your lap and provide a secure but also comfortable surface for your kid while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Additionally, the nesting pillow makes nursing painless for you by relieving neck and back tension. Mothers also often use these pillows as cushioned support to help their little ones learn how to lean on their elbows and arms or how to sit up. Possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re a new mother or not, this product will make your mommy-baby time enjoyable and stress-free. Keep reading to discover the advantages of organic pillows.

Why Should You Buy an Organic Nursing Pillow?

It is essential to provide your newborn kid with a healthy, toxin-free sleep environment, and organic bedding is perfect for the baby’s tender and delicate skin. Organic products, such as an organic cotton nursing pillow, include more natural components and fewer chemicals than non-organic goods. Protect your baby’s sensitive skin by getting an organic nursing pillow and avoiding these harmful ingredients.

Organic nursing pillows are beneficial to both mothers and children and make a perfect baby shower gift. Aside from being kind to the skin, organic products are also kind to the planet, and all environmentally-friendly parents will love it!

Best-Selling Organic Nursing Pillows + Pillow Covers

When in need of a high-quality, organic breastfeeding pillow, Amazon is a great place to find one. Our team has already looked into all the products and singled out the best organic nesting pillows on the market to save you plenty of time and possibly money. In addition to our top three picks, we also included the best-selling organic nursing pillow cover.

1. Snuggle Me Organic | Feeding + Support Pillow

If searching for safe and organic baby products made in the USA, Snuggle Me Organic is your go-to choice. GOTS-certified, breathable, and hypoallergenic, this nesting pillow is ideal for nursing, bottle feeding, or even sleeping. 

According to the Snuggle Me Organic nursing pillow review, moms love the variety of colors and lumbar support it provides. Apart from improving the quality of mommy-baby time, these moon-shaped nursing pillows also embellish baby’s cribs and bedrooms. Discover its price on Amazon.

2. Organic Nursing Pillow With Washable Slip Cover

Blessed Nest is another USA-based brand that offers 100% organic cotton nursing pillows and other natural baby products. This nursing pillow in the shape of a quarter moon has a soft, washable cover and unique filling; so, you can squish it around and mold it to fit any position.

You can purchase the pillow during your pregnancy and use it as a sleep aid or after giving birth to achieve the right nursing position. The pillow cover gets softer with time, and it’s certainly worth the money. Check the product on Amazon to learn how to get a 50% discount!

3. Holy Lamb Organics Organic Nursing Pillow

Thoughtfully designed to provide total support to both moms and babies and facilitate each feeding, the Holy Lamb Organics pillow is perfect for new mothers. The eco-wool filling and organic cotton sateen cover make it look clean and fancy, and the cover is easy to separate and wash.

Ideal for feeding and playtime alike, this high-quality nursing pillow is also high-priced, but the customers still love it. If you’re willing to invest in your baby’s healthy and natural bedding, purchase this product through Amazon in a few clicks.

Bonus: Boppy Organic Nursing Pillow Cover

If searching for the best organic nursing pillow cover, turn to Boppy! Over 95% of its customers are in love with its two-sided pillow covers, which are available in multiple beautiful colors and patterns. The 100% organic material is safe, toxin-free, and gentle to the baby’s tender skin. Whether you need it for yourself or looking for a baby shower present, Boppy pillow covers are a perfect fit! Check the pricing on Amazon.

How To Care for Your Organic Breastfeeding Pillow

Washing organic products is as easy as it can be. All nursing pillows are machine washable on a gentle cycle and preferably in cold water. Although we recommend air drying, you can also tumble dry the pillow cover at a low-temperature setting. If you want to keep the bright color of your organic pillow cover, we suggest that you avoid laundry detergents like Dreft. The list below summarizes all the dos and don’ts.

Cold or warm waterAirBleach
Delicate cycleTumble dryHigh temperatures
Mild, plant-based detergentLow temperatureLong-term sun exposure

Bottom Line

We hope this guide has helped you discover all the advantages of providing your kid with healthy organic bedding. If you wish to look into other natural products, we can assist you in finding the best organic baby brands. Read through the following articles for more info.

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