Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands Reviewed by Parents

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Purchasing a soft and comfortable piece of clothing with zero harmful toxins is important for adults but crucial for newborns! Luckily, Yes It’s Organic is here to help eco-conscious buyers find modern, beautiful, and organic products. If you’re wondering where to buy organic clothing for toddlers, we’ll provide you with a list of the best-selling organic baby clothes brands. You’ll also learn about the importance of organically-made products and find a few useful tips!

What Makes Organic Clothing So Great For Babies?

If you’re thinking about whether purchasing organic clothes is as important as many say, let us help you come to a decision! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Organic baby clothing protects your toddler from pesticides, toxic dyes, and other harsh chemicals, while synthetic materials contain risky substances.
  • It’s suitable for kids with dermatitis, eczema, or skin allergies since organic linen reduces the chances of skin irritations.
  • Organic cotton assists in regulating the body temperature, making organic clothing so soft and breathable that it’s suitable for all seasons.

As opposed to organic farming, producing non-organic cotton may have harmful effects on the environment, farmers, and consumers. To completely avoid products with toxic chemicals or dyes, consider purchasing organic towels, organic cotton sateen pillowcases, and other natural products.

What To Look For When Shopping for An Organic Brand

Sometimes, even when a package says “organic,” the product can actually contain just a small percentage of organic fibers; for instance, 10% organic textiles and 90% non-organic or even synthetic materials. That’s why finding a reliable organic baby clothes manufacturer can be frustrating. 
To make certain that a product meets the highest standards for organic materials, search for pieces of clothing that have one of the following certifications:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the strictest and most famed textile standard; you can purchase any GOTS-certified product with peace of mind. 
  • OEKO-TEX is another reliable global certification, which assures the users that the fabric is tested and free of toxic chemicals.

We also suggest that you opt for a company that has proved to work in safe conditions and to cause no harm to the environment. To save you ample time, we already looked into organic baby clothes for sale produced in an eco-friendly manner. The following section has all the info!

Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands

To assist you in finding natural, modern, and affordable outfits, we found an answer to the question of where to buy organic baby clothes. Go through the list of the 10 most reliable organic baby clothes brands and look into their products to find what works for you and your child.

1. Pact

Offering 100% organically produced baby tops, bottoms, and bodysuits, the Pact store is a go-to choice for all environmentally-conscious parents. It often has online sales, as well as cool bundles, so you can find a high-quality product at a bargain price.

2. Under the Nile

If searching for organic Egyptian cotton clothing, this is the brand for you! Under the Nile provides an array of products for newborn babies and children of up to six years old. Due to a wide range of garments in colorful and whimsical patterns, these items are also perfect for gifts.

3. Hanna Andersson

If you search for a dependable brand that will provide your kid with organic clothing for years, turn to Hanna Andersson. The store offers a broad selection of garments that feature beautiful colors, modern designs, but also high-quality, organic materials.

4. Burt’s Bees Baby

The Burt’s Bees collection for babies and toddlers is full of interesting ornaments and hues. In addition to the good-looking aspect, these clothing pieces are also made using 100% organic cotton. The brand provides all baby essentials for all seasons.

5. Hope & Henry

As its website states, the Hope & Henry brand offers quality goods for the greater good! The store is suitable for babies and their parents alike. Until your child turns two, you’ll be able to dress them up in soft, breathable, and nice-looking outfits.

6. Jazzy Organics

The Jazzy Organics brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton to create adorable designs for both newborns and kids up to four years old. Ideal for all seasons, their bodysuits and pajamas will provide your child with a cozy and peaceful night of sleep.

7. Boden

Covering a multitude of products for both kids and adults, Boden is a perfect family-friendly brand. It offers beautifully crafted pieces of clothing, as well as discounted bundles, and allows you to purchase both chic and inexpensive gifts.

8. L’ovedbaby

L’ovedbaby is a family business that provides minimally-processed 100% cotton garments. Even the packaging includes no plastics or other toxic materials! In addition to the environment, they make sure that the working conditions are safe and healthy. 

9. Mini Mioche

Based in Canada, Mini Mioche designs organic apparel for newborns and children. In addition to standard tops, bottoms, rompers, and onesies, they provide sleepwear and various accessories, as well as a skincare line for babies and mums.

10. Oeuf

Last but certainly not least is brilliant Oeuf. The name is French, but the family-run studio is based in Brooklyn and offers an array of modern, organic garments. Their creations combine playful fashion with simple designs to make a perfect piece of clothing for any kid. 

How To Care for and Wash Organic Baby Clothing

To make sure the organic clothing stays as soft as on the first day, you should take care of the product properly; follow the guides from the list below.

WashingWash it inside out on the gentle cycle, in cold water, and with a mild detergent.
DryingIf possible, air dry. When using a dryer, select a low temperature or an “air dry” cycle.
AvoidFabric softeners, bleach, harsh detergents, and high temperatures.

Note that, if you used a harsh laundry product before washing the organic baby outfits, you should run a quick wash cycle to get rid of any trace of it. Also, don’t forget to separate lights from darks. This applies to other organic garments, including those made using bamboo plants, such as bamboo baby clothing. If you’re interested in such products, check out the best Bamboo Elephant Swaddle Set or Bamboo Muslin Crib Sheet Set on the market.

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