Shop by Brand – Baby and Children

Wee Can Too – Toys

Here’s a quick summary of the Brands:

  • Shop Awareness Apparel for environmentally conscious and socially responsible t-shirts and tops for the whole family, including baby! Their creative and informative themes take sustainable style to a new level.
  • EcoBaby Organics bedding and baby accessories include mattress pads, nursing pads, barrier covers and more to keep your baby healthy and protected. Oh, and their rubber-filled pet beds are an excellent investment for the eco home! Yes, even your pets should enjoy the benefits of being “green”.
  • India Organics showcases luxurious Organic cotton designs for bedding and towels. Inspired by ancient wood-block prints and themes from nature, these bed and bath items will accent your eco decor.
  • Sleep & Beyond offers mattress pads and comforters for crib and adult-size beds. Exclusive, safe wool fills and Organic cotton outers make these bedding choices eco-friendly and ideal for anyone with chemical sensitivities.
  • Mary Meyer makes fantastic stuffed toys for babies and children. They make excellent eco gifts, since they’re made from Organic cotton! In fabulous colors with whimisical stitching and designs, these sustainable stuffed animals are big hits with boys and girls!
  • Wee Can Too makes Organic, Edible finger paints. Now your infants and children can have great finger painting experiences and you don’t have to worry about them putting their fingers in their mouths. Life is good.
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