Mattress Pad Toppers (Pillow Top Mattress Pad)

Our thick Organic mattress pads are often called mattress pad toppers or pillow top mattress pads because of their thick, plush feel. Add one to your bed for instant comfort and support!

Our thick Organic wool mattress pad has an Organic cotton cover. They are super comfortable and breathable. Enjoy the most comfortable night’s sleep with your Organic wool mattress pad, which provides inches of thick, cushy padding.

Our Organic mattress pads are made with 100% Certified Organic cotton and 100% Certified Organic wool materials, and made only with the highest environmentally friendly processes. These sustainable products are better for your body and for the environment.

The Organic mattress pads from Yes It’s Organic are ideal for people with chemical sensitivities. The organic cotton and wool used in the organic mattress pad do not contain the harmful toxins and chemicals found in other bedding, so they will not irritate sensitive skin.

In addition, wool naturally repels bacteria and common allergens, which allows people with allergies and asthma to sleep more soundly. You’ll simply feel more rested enjoying the luxurious Organic mattress pads from Yes It’s Organic all year long.

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