Organic Cotton Bath Towels

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Whether you wish to preserve the environment or your skin, purchasing organic towels would be a wise choice! If you’re haven’t been using natural products before, we’ll help you switch to 100% organic cotton towels by providing all the information you need. This guide will provide all the benefits of such products and a list of carefully selected organic cotton bath towels. Put our handy tips to use, and have a stress-free shopping experience!

Can You Get Quality With Organic Cotton Towels?

Yes! The best cotton for bath towels is popular Turkish cotton, but many manufacturers outside the Aegean region also produce high-quality organic cotton. Pure organic cotton will give you everything you could look for in a towel, including incredible softness. 

Unlike conventional cotton garments, their organic counterparts have long fibers, making towels highly durable—especially two-ply towels. If you take care of them properly, bath towels will last for years! You can find the washing instructions near the bottom of our page.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Bath Towels

There’s a reason cotton is the most common material for clothing or bedding. In fact, a lot of reasons! Eco-cotton towels aren’t just long-lasting; they stay soft and fluffy for longer than regular non-organic cloths. The reason lies in their non-chemical treatment, which is why they can retain their natural properties.

If searching for the most sustainable organic bath towel, we suggest looking into Best Bamboo Bath Towels. Fabrics made from bamboo or bamboo-cotton blends tend to dry faster than cotton and are as safe for the environment as cotton garments.

The Top 5 Best Organic Cotton Bath Towels on Amazon

If you’re having trouble finding a suitable organic cotton towel or don’t know where to look for a quality product, let us help! The Yes, It’s Organic team created a list of best-selling products, prices, and other helpful information.

1. Welhome Hudson 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels


The Welhome store offers a set of eco-friendly, plush towels that come in four-piece sets. According to thousands of satisfied customers, these towels are ideal for any person and any bathroom.

Choosing an organic cotton bath towel set might be hard just because they are available in various colors! They are highly absorbent due to their GSM density and are easy to wash and dry. The towels are also certified by Oeko-Tex, which is excellent news for all environmentally-conscious buyers. Check pricing on Amazon for this product.

2. Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel


As the best-selling organic bath towel set on Amazon, this one is a great catch! Pinzon offers various high-quality sets in ten gentle colors that wash well and look well. 

These towels are thick and probably heavier than the ones you have at home, but they are incredibly absorbent and smooth to the touch. Certified by GOTS, each Pinzon towel set is a perfect choice for eco-friendly consumers and certainly worth the cost and the hype. Do not forget to check prices on Amazon.

3. Amazon Basics GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Bath Towel


Crafted in several bright and bold colors, each Amazon Basics towel set is going to bright up your bathroom. The two-ply towels are certified by GOTS, and you’ll love them as much as our planet does.

The company meets the STeP by OEKO-TEX standards and is kind not only to the environment but also to its employees. Thanks to their characteristics, the towels are machine-washable; follow the instructions from the following section to make sure you care for your towels properly. It will be best to check pricing on Amazon.

4. Fabdreams 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set


The 100% organic cotton towel set by Fabdream comes in five colors and recyclable packaging. This environmentally-friendly set is rather pricey, but it includes six amazingly fluffy, absorbent, and lofty towels.

GOTS-certified cotton guarantees premium-quality products created in a safe working environment. Being kind to the planet and your skin alike, this set makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other occasion. Be sure to check pricing on Amazon.

5. Vivendi Organic Turkish Cotton Bath Towels


Globally recognized Turkish cotton makes these towels naturally soft and absorbent. Each organic cotton bath towel weighs 700 GSM, which guarantees both quality and durability. 

Vivendi towels come in sets of four and are quite affordable. They are currently available in one color; so, if you’re searching for a basic white bath towel, this set is your go-to choice. You can wash them in a machine per the instructions listed in the following section. Check prices on Amazon for this product.

How To Care For Your Organic Cotton Bath Towel

Each organic product usually comes with detailed instructions on how to care for it, but we’ll provide more information in case you need it. Here are the washing instructions for organic towels:

  • Machine wash on delicate setting and in cold water
  • Use mild laundry detergent and plant-based if possible
  • Avoid bleach to preserve the depth of color
  • Stay away from fabric softeners

After washing, air-dry your towels or tumble dry on a low setting. If you opt for the first option—which is more eco-friendly—avoid long-term sunlight exposure. If using the dryer, avoid high temperatures.

Bottom Line

A pure organic cotton towel set is a perfect match for any skin, any person, and the environment. That’s why organic products are getting more and more popular every year! If you wish to switch to organic entirely, we suggest looking into the following products:

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