Organic Cotton Crepe Blanket Shopping Guide

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Are you thinking about buying a cotton crepe blanket? If so, you’re in the right spot, thanks to this helpful shopping guide. Keep reading to learn more and discover why you should buy an organic cotton crepe blanket. 

What Is a Crepe Blanket?

A blanket is considered a crepe blanket when it’s made using a crepe weave—it’s any weave that produces a fractured or uneven appearance on the face of the blanket or cloth. The rough, uneven surfaces of a crepe blanket are often created by using specially prepared warp and weft yarns that boast a high twist factor. The high twist factor causes them to crimp or curl after weaving. 

Traditionally, the crepe was composed of silk but can come from nearly any material. Crepe blankets range in thickness and weight, with some being thin and lightweight while others being thick and heavyweight. It’s not uncommon for people to refer to crepe blankets as weighted blankets. 

What Are the Benefits of a Weighted Crepe Blanket?

Weighted blankets allow you to take advantage of an at-home treatment that can produce similar benefits to deep pressure therapy. Studies have shown that weighted blankets can be very effective for various diseases, like helping reduce symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety. A weighted crepe blanket can also help relax a restless body and ease sleep problems.

How does the force of a weighted blanket against your body help your autonomic nervous system? By putting it into “rest” mode. When your automatic nervous system goes into rest mode, it becomes easier to alleviate some anxiety symptoms, such as a fast heart rate or quickened breathing. 

Is an Organic Cotton Crepe Blanket Good for Your Health?

Even though you can purchase a cotton crepe blanket, there are several reasons to buy one made of organic cotton. 

An organic cotton crepe blanket is made without hazardous chemicals, resulting in much more than a soft feel. It also promotes your health because the material is porous, meaning the organic cotton helps regulate body temperature, which is vital in helping make sure you don’t get too hot or cold.

Another reason to opt for an organic cotton crepe blanket is that organic cotton lasts longer than conventional cotton. The enhanced durability and longevity of organic cotton stems from the fibers being longer and having a stronger bond with one another when compared to regular cotton. 

Best-Rated Organic Cotton Crepe Blankets Online

Organic cotton crepe blankets come in many sizes and weights, with some being quite heavy and others being extremely lightweight and silky. You can find crepe blankets made of organic material in the USA and abroad. Because of the tighter weave, crepe blankets tend to resist pulls and tears induced by sharp objects; this makes them highly suitable for use with children. Elegant in look, this fabric is also ideal for use as a bedspread. 

Please keep reading to see three of our favorite organic crepe blankets online. 

1. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Crepe Weave Blanket Throw


This crepe weave throw is sure to be one of your summertime favorites. It’s light in weight, and the crepe weave makes it extremely breathable. During the colder months, though, the soft cotton yarns used to make the blanket helps keep heat from escaping the body, which means you’ll stay warm without sweating. Made from 100% organic cotton, the blanket should only be washed with GOTS-approved detergent. 

2. 100% Organic Cotton Ivory Natural Crepe Weave Blanket USA



This super-soft blanket comes from South Carolina and is made from organic cotton that’s cultivated in the United States. It comes in a natural ivory color and features a beautiful crepe pattern.

The blanket, which is 80 inches wide by 90 inches long, can be machine washed and dried. The cotton used to make the blanket is certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture, making it ideal if you want a blanket that physicians and health experts recommend for those with allergies and/or skin sensitivities.

3. Pure-Rest Organics Twin Blanket Crepe Natural


This organic cotton blanket is ideal for adding a soft and cozy covering to any bed! It’s good for all seasons, thanks to its beautiful, tight crepe weave. Because of its natural breathability, organic cotton keeps you feeling cooler than polyester, and it also helps reduce the risk of sweating at night. 

The crepe weave blanket is the perfect middle ground for warmth, making it appropriate for fall and spring temperatures and suitable for all other seasons. After washing, it softens even more. Machine wash and tumble dry on low heat. To boost softness, add 1/4 cup vinegar to the load.

How To Shop for Organic Crepe Blanket

It goes without saying that when it comes to purchasing a crepe blanket, you can’t go wrong with one made of organic cotton. After all, the use of your blanket will have a direct impact on its durability, and organic cotton is more durable than conventional cotton. 

Another critical aspect to consider when buying a crepe blanket is its size. Most basic blankets are available in standard mattress sizes, so knowing the measurements of your bed is crucial in helping make sure you get a blanket the correct size. 

Lastly, when shopping for an organic crepe blanket, you’ll want to keep pattern and design in mind. The color scheme, along with the pattern and appearance of a blanket, plays an essential role in your bedroom’s overall style and aesthetic. Before selecting a blanket, make sure you’ve spent enough time choosing the correct one and evaluating the whole décor of your bedroom, including other bedding products and their styles.

Tips For Taking Care of Your Organic Cotton Crepe Blanket

Set the washing machine on a mild or delicate cycle; note that some washers may have this setting labeled as a hand wash. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it generally softens itself throughout the washing process, eliminating the need for fabric softener. And because organic cotton organically softens with each use and cleaning, this means your blanket will be softer to the touch every time you wash it. 

The Takeaway

Are you thinking about buying a cotton crepe blanket? If so, we hope you found our shopping guide helpful. If you wish to see other types of organic bedding accessories, check out these organic bedding and bath items:

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