Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Robe

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When you’re in a bathrobe, you should be able to relax completely, but do organic materials work in a robe as well as in organic towels and other products? Keep reading for an informational guide on what you need to know when shopping for an organic cotton Jersey knit robe. 

What Is a Jersey Knit Robe?

Single-knit fabrics that have a unique stretch are known as jersey fabrics. Jersey’s own sheep were bred on the Isle of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands between the United Kingdom and France. This delicate cloth was made of wool at the time, and it was primarily designated as “for males only.” Underwear and fishermen’s sweaters were the most common applications. Now, manufacturers use jersey fabrics for a variety of products, including bathrobes.

Top Features of the Pure Fiber Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Robe

Organic linen has long been praised for its potential health advantages, as well as its environmentally-friendly character. These conventional fibers aren’t grown in the same way as traditional fibers. Instead, they thrive on rainwater, reducing dangerous runoff and avoiding the toxins that the World Health Organization cautions about. 

In addition to being a positive form of support to the cotton-growing farming industry, there are several personal benefits to be gained as well. 

Those with skin sensitivities, for example, may do better with certified organic cotton than with conventional cotton. Organic cotton has been proved to be softer on sensitive skin, whether it’s due to allergies, eczema, psoriasis, or other conditions! If you have sensitive skin, an organic cotton bathrobe certified by the USDA would be your best bet.

How Much Do Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Robes Cost?

Organic cotton Jersey knit robes are a bit more expensive than regular cotton robes. The organic cotton, along with the fact that these robes are jersey knitted, is what jacks up the cost, but as you’ll see below, these robes are well worth the investment. 

What Are the Best Alternatives to Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Robes

In addition to Pure Fiber, a multitude of other vendors can provide you with a high-quality organic cotton jersey knit robe. Go through our top 3 picks before you opt for the most suitable product.

1. Talbots Organic Cotton Jersey Robe


Wrap yourself in this calming robe to complete your favorite sleepwear ensemble. The organic cotton jersey robe offers a hint of stretch and a lot of comfort. The medium-weight fabric feels just right for your morning coffee or evening facial mask.

2. Skin + Net Sustain Carina Organic Pima Cotton-Jersey Robe


Skin’s Kathryn robe has appealing femininity to it that will keep you looking polished even when you’re not wearing it. It’s made of a fine yet durable GOTS-certified organic Pima cotton-jersey that drapes beautifully. It’s the most expensive item on our list but certainly worth the cost.

3. Skin + Net Sustain Kathryn Organic Pima Cotton-Jersey Robe


The Skin store uses the finest natural materials to create products like this Carina robe’s silky organic Pima cotton jersey. It boasts wide side splits and a matching belt to tighten the loose, casual silhouette. On lazy weekends at home, layer it over one of the brand’s pajama sets.

How to Take Care of Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Robes

Organic bathrobes are not dyed with the same harsh dyes as non-organic cotton robes. On the one hand, opting for an organic robe means avoiding excessive quantities of sulfur and heavy metals. On the other hand, organic cotton tends to fade more quickly than synthetic robes. Although organic cotton is incredibly durable, you must still take care to prolong the life of your robe.

Always wash your organic bathrobe in cool water with a mild, natural laundry detergent. To avoid shrinkage and wrinkling, tumble dry on low and remove your sustainable robe while it’s still damp. How often you wash your robe depends on how frequently you use it. Washing sustainable robes on the same schedule as your towels and linens is a good rule of thumb.

The Bottom Line

Even the smallest bathroom can become a luxurious home spa with the right robe, but organic bathrobes are more than a simple luxury. They also help protect the environment and the health of your family. Want to learn more about various types of organic cotton? If so, make sure to check out some of our other helpful guides.

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