Guide For Shopping For Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

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A mattress pad is often used to adjust the comfort level of a mattress. Mattress pads can offer plushness to a firm mattress while also providing structure to mattresses with a softer design. One of the most common reasons people use mattress pads is to protect their beds from spills and other accidents. If you’re thinking about investing in a pad for your bed, keep reading to learn why organic cotton mattress pads are the best choice. 

What Are Cotton Mattress Pads?

A mattress pad aims to improve the comfort of a bed while also protecting it from accidents and impurities. On the other hand, a mattress topper significantly alters the feel of a mattress and provides additional pressure relief. Toppers can also rejuvenate an aging mattress or extend the life of a new one.

Mattress pads made of cotton have long been known for their durability and effectiveness. Cotton, which is especially favored for its easy wash and care (just throw it in the washer and dryer), is also known for its soft, comfy feel. This means that even after several washes, a cotton mattress pad is still soft and durable.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Cotton Mattress Pads?

Compared to other mattress pads, organic cotton mattress pads have various advantages. The primary benefit is that the cotton itself is softer and gentler for your skin. An organic cotton mattress pad, especially for babies with sensitive skin, can make all the difference in enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Another advantage of organic mattress pads is that, while they do not entirely eradicate dust mites, they help reduce nighttime sweating. Also, did you know that you shed dead skin cells when sleeping? When laying or sleeping on an organic mattress pad, these dead skin cells are considerably less likely to permeate the mattress.

Best-Rated Organic Cotton Mattress Pads on Amazon

Whether you need a mattress pad for medical reasons, such as a medical need for additional support, comfort, or personalization, or you just want a firmer mattress, you should buy an organic cotton pad. Here’s a look at three of our favorite organic cotton mattress pads available on Amazon. 

1. OrganicTextiles Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Protector


This beautifully quilted mattress pad helps maintain a lush and luxurious appearance. It is securely sewn to help lock the filling in place, which helps keep it from shifting or bunching up to one side, and the skirt has a 17″ deep pocket for simple covering and removal. If you’re looking for a way to extend the life of your bed mattress, this pad is a go-to solution as it will also add a new layer of comfort and protection. It will be best to check pricing on Amazon.

2. Bioweaves 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Cover


The outer shell of this mattress pad is made of GOTS-certified 300-thread count organic cotton fabric. It makes for the optimal choice of mattress pads because the organic cotton material protects your body from sensitivities commonly produced by non-organic colors and conventionally cultivated cotton. Don’t forget to check prices on Amazon.

3. Whisper Organics 100% Organic Cotton Quilted Mattress Cover


Whisper Organics premium linens are known for their cooling effects. This mattress pad is exceptionally breathable and comfortable, making it ideal for both children and adults with sensitive skin. Get one today to start sleeping well on this soft organic mattress pad. Check pricing on Amazon for this product.

How To Shop for a 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Pad

There are four primary considerations to keep in mind when shopping for an organic mattress pad:

  1. Thickness: How do you feel about your existing mattress? Do you think you require a new one? If your present mattress is too thick, go with a thin pad.
  2. Firmness: It’s usually best to opt for a mattress pad that fits your sleeping habits. This means that you’ll need to choose between a firm memory foam pad and a fluffy down pad. Each one will provide you with a one-of-a-kind night’s sleep that is just as good as purchasing a new mattress.
  3. Budget: An organic cotton mattress pad made in the USA will be a bit more expensive than a conventional cotton mattress pad, but the price difference is usually worth it. 
  4. Size: Always make sure to buy a mattress pad that will fit your mattress.  

How To Take Care of Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

To help ensure that your organic cotton mattress pad lasts as long as possible, put it in the washer with mild, eco-friendly laundry detergent. Make sure to use cold water and the gentle/delicates or low setting when washing, followed by air drying. If you can’t air dry the mattress pad, you can always place it on low to medium heat in the dryer.

The Takeaway

Maybe you think your mattress is overly firm. With a mattress pad, it becomes easy to reduce the hardness with a mattress pad or topper. Or maybe your current mattress is getting old and uncomfortable, but you aren’t ready to replace it. No matter the reason, an organic cotton mattress pad is a great solution. 

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