Shopping Guide: Women’s Organic Cotton Flared Leggings

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Finding natural, 100% organic women’s clothing at a reasonable price is tricky without our time on your side! Go through this guide to discover why you must switch to organic and how to shop safely. We’ll explain how to find the best women’s organic cotton flared leggings and how to style them for different occasions. You’ll also learn a few tips on washing and drying organic clothes. Let’s dive in!

Why You Should Switch From Conventional to Organic Cotton ASAP

If you’re wondering why organic cotton is better than regular cotton, there are many reasons; we’ll list the most compelling ones.

  1. Organic cotton is produced without polluting pesticides and other harsh chemicals, unlike conventional cotton. 
  2. Organic cotton plants use far less water and produce less carbon dioxide than their conventional counterparts, making them highly sustainable.
  3. The soil is healthier, and the plants are hand-picked, which makes organic textiles more durable.
  4. Non-organic cotton farming includes various chemicals that sometimes cause skin allergies and breakouts, while organic cotton is ideal for sensitive skin.
  5. Organic farming entails ethical working conditions for farmers.

All things considered, switching to organic cotton is beneficial for your skin, our planet and climate, and farmers worldwide.

What Are Women’s Organic Flared Leggings?

Flared leggings are super comfortable stretch pants that are mostly form-fitting but flare out near the ankles. Although younger generations have come up with the term, many know this type of clothing as yoga pants. Whatever the name, women of all ages love flared leggings because of the versatility and convenience they provide.

Cotton Flared Leggings

How To Shop For Women’s Organic Cotton Flared Leggings

To make sure an item is 100% organic and the purchase is safe, you should check a couple of things.

First, search for certifications like the Global Organic Textile Standard, Oeko-Tex, OCS, or the Fair Trade Certified seal. The GOTS includes both ecological and social criteria, while STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex guarantees that the fabric doesn’t have any harmful substance.

To ensure any product is of high quality and as soft as all the sellers guarantee, go through the customer reviews and check ratings or photographs. This way, you’ll know whether the leggings will meet your expectations and be able to avoid low-quality items. Free shipping is another perk often available for online shoppers, so be sure to use it at checkout.

How To Use Cotton Flared Leggings for Style and Comfort

Comfortable flared leggings are ideal for relaxing and exercising, but you can also turn them into perfect pants for a night out if you use the right accessories. So, there are many ways to style this piece of clothing.

You can pair these leggings with loose or tight shirts and tops, as well as cashmere sweaters for a classy look. As the flared leggings are figure-hugging with a wide bottom, we suggest that you wear a slim-fit top, a small bag, and a fancy necklace or big earrings. The leggings and top will accentuate your waist and curves, making this an ideal outfit for a dinner party. If it’s cold outside, layer an elegant coat, and you’re good to go!

Our favorite apparel includes organic cotton flared leggings, pointed-toe heels, a satin shirt, and a black leather jacket for a dash of edginess. This modern outfit doesn’t require accessories, but you can add a delicate dainty necklace or a wristwatch. The picture below is an excellent example.

Organic Cotton Flared Leggings

Learn To Wash and Dry Organic Clothes Properly

We always suggest that you machine wash your organic clothes per label instructions and then hang them to dry. However, if you lost or didn’t get washing instructions, we’ll talk you through the process of both washing and drying and add a few tips.

  • Hand washing is a preferable, energy-efficient option, but you can wash your organic cotton leggings in a machine. Set the water temperature on cold or up to 30°C.
  • Tumble drying is allowed, but at a low setting or an air cycle with no heat.
  • Low temperature and cold water are crucial in avoiding shrinkage or fabric damage. 
  • Eco-friendly dyes are just as good as conventional ones but better for the environment. To keep the colors bright, avoid chlorine bleach. To help set the color, add ¼ cup of vinegar to the rinse of the first wash.
  • Many detergents are full of harsh chemicals not suitable for delicate garments and dyes, so we suggest mild detergents like Woolite. You should also rinse your machine before washing organic clothing if you used powerful detergents during the previous washing.

Following these tips will ensure that your organic cotton flared leggings stay as soft and comfy as on the first day.

Bottom Line

Organic clothing is all the rage right now, and for a reason! It provides your skin a safe, toxin-free, and super soft environment while also contributing to preserving the planet. In addition to women’s organic cotton flared leggings, our site covers other organic women’s clothing and categories, including the following.

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