Women’s Organic Cotton Yoga Shorts

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Whether you plan to start attending outdoor yoga classes this summer or just want greater skin contact, women’s yoga shorts are your go-to choice. This guide will explain how to use the product, offer some yoga shorts outfit ideas, and help you properly take care of your organic clothes. You’ll also find the top women’s organic cotton yoga shorts on the market!

What Are Yoga Shorts?

Yoga shorts are ideal for any yoga enthusiast who wants a breathable fabric but also to allow their skin to breathe. Yoga is about getting in touch with yourself, and these shorts will let you get in touch with the surroundings by allowing better skin contact. Leave your long leggings and pants behind, and get yourself a pair of yoga shorts for women!

You can choose between the baggy, lightweight shorts and the tight ones. The first option is more suitable for those who prefer loose-fitting clothing and want more space to move around. Tight yoga shorts are an excellent choice because they won’t get in your way and offer the necessary compression. There are also yoga shorts with pockets and without them, as well as low-waisted and high-waisted ones. Take into account your needs and body type, and then opt for the most suitable style.

Is Organic Cotton a Good Pick for Yoga Clothes?

Women’s cotton yoga shorts made from organic materials have a myriad of benefits, such as low-impact dyes. Here are some of their best characteristics.

  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Free of harmful substances like chemical fertilizers

However, the main drawback of organic cotton activewear is that it absorbs perspiration and keeps it in, making the clothes too wet. Since yoga is not highly intensive, organic cotton yoga shorts should get the job done if you don’t sweat a lot. 

The Best Women’s Yoga Shorts on the Market

If you’re wondering where to buy yoga shorts made from high-quality organic cotton, we have a couple of suggestions. To make your shopping experience hassle-free, we discovered one tight and high-waisted cotton yoga shorts and one baggy yoga shorts with pockets. Learn more about each product before purchasing the most suitable yoga shorts set.

Black Organic Cotton Lycra Shorts by eleven44

Women's Organic Cotton Yoga Shorts

The high-waisted cotton yoga shorts by eleven44 are designed for various activities, from lounging and sleeping to cycling and running. Yoga enthusiasts love this form-fitting model with a flattering cut and wide waistband. These great shorts are made from 90% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 10% lycra, making them soft, stretchy, and comfortable. 

The eleven44’s organic cotton yoga shorts are available in five sizes and one color, and the price is $62 plus shipping. The company contributes to preserving the planet and lowering carbon emissions, and they are dedicated to providing a safe work environment and fair, equal pay.

Organic Cotton Women’s Active Yoga Shorts by Satva

Satva Organic Cotton Yoga Shorts

The Satva brand offers excellent, loose-fitting bottoms for yoga, as well as other activities and everyday use. The combination of 60% organic cotton and 40% modal ensures that the yoga shorts are breathable, absorbent, and wrinkle-resistant. The material is suitable for machine washing and drying, making it easy to care for and wear regularly.

Available in several sizes, the black yoga shorts for women will fit you perfectly, and the pockets will provide just enough space for storage. Check the product on Amazon, and purchase a pair of yoga bottoms in a few clicks; these are also more affordable than the tight ones and thus more suitable for budget-conscious consumers.

How To Care for Your Organic Clothes

If you’re just now switching to organic and not sure how to wash your chemical-free clothes, let us help! The list below provides several helpful tips on washing and drying; use them to make sure your clothes stay as soft and comfy as on day one.

How To WashWash the clothes inside out in cold water or at a maximum of 30°C using a normal or mild detergent.
How To DryWe always suggest air drying, but you may use the tumble dryer’s low heat setting as well.
What To AvoidKeep your organic clothing away from high temperatures, bleach, and long-term sun exposure.

Get Yourself Another Piece of Organic Activewear

In addition to women’s organic cotton yoga shorts, we can assist you in shopping for other yoga clothing pieces. Here are our top five organic products you may need for your yoga workouts—click on any link for additional fashion information.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Organic cotton yoga shorts are ideal for any yoga enthusiast who needs cozy bottoms with optimal coverage and good ventilation. The only disadvantage to organic cotton activewear is that it gets soaking wet when a person sweats a lot, so we don’t recommend them for high-intensity workouts. Most yoga shorts have wide waistbands that are perfectly comfortable, and the high-waisted ones are our personal favorites! If you search for more info about organic clothing for women, check out our complete list of All Women’s Items.

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