Women’s Organic Cotton Zipper Hoodie

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Finding high-quality and budget-friendly organic women’s clothing can be challenging, but that’s where we step in! This comprehensive yet concise guide will help you find the best women’s organic cotton zipper hoodie by providing all the relevant information you need for shopping. 

Discover why a cotton zip hoodie is a better choice than a pullover, and learn a few tips to keep your clothes in top shape. You’ll also learn what to consider when buying an organic cotton hoodie and find the top Amazon products.

Why Is a Zip-Up Hoodie Better Than a Pullover Hoodie?

Both zip-up and pullover hoodies are equally casual and have a similar purpose, but here are a few sound reasons women should opt for a cotton hoodie with a zipper

Zipper hoodies are more practical, and you can wear one with more layers or as a jacket in warm weather. The layered look also allows you to match your hoodie with a cool shirt. If you get too hot or don’t feel comfortable, just unzip it; with pullover hoodies, you’d have to take them off and carry them around in your hands. Taking a pullover hoodie off could also ruin your styled haircut, while zip-up hoodies help you circumvent this problem. And purchasing an organic cotton zipper hoodie has even more advantages—check them out in the following section.

Why Should You Buy an Organic Cotton Zipper Hoodie?

There are many reasons for the purchase of an organic cotton hoodie. Women’s fashion trends often change, but some things are always in style—comfortable hoodies and caring for our planet. A women’s cotton zipper hoodie is a practical piece of clothing suitable for relaxing or exercising, while organic fabrics are kind to both your skin and the environment.

Organic cotton is derived from non-GMO seeds, and its manufacturing includes no artificial pesticides or harmful chemicals. For these reasons, organic cotton hoodies are perfect for all eco-friendly consumers and people with sensitive skin or allergies. These products are durable and highly breathable and therefore suitable for all seasons. Certified organic materials are also super soft and get even smoother with each wash, making them an ideal fabric for everyday clothes.

What To Consider When Buying an Organic Hoodie

Before purchasing an organic zip-up hoodie, pay attention to the following.

  1. Materials & blends—Thick hoodies are better for the winter months, while lightweight hoodies are ideal for the warm season. Organic cotton is suitable for both, but specific blends are good for certain seasons; for instance, hoodies made from organic cotton and wool are great for winter. Also, look for certifications like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OCS, or Fair Trade.
  2. Prices—People generally think that a high price guarantees high quality, but that’s not always the case. Many reasonably-priced products are also of good quality, and you can find them if you properly research the market. Implementing the advice listed above is also crucial; if you come across a budget-friendly product with a GOTS certification, don’t hesitate to purchase it!
  3. Reviews—Online shopping is tricky since you cannot see or feel the materials, but customer reviews can make it smart and safe. The best way to find what you’re searching for is by reading through the reviews and checking other customers’ experiences. Your opinion matters, so you should leave a review as well after purchasing.

If you follow these steps and tips, finding and buying a high-quality organic cotton zipper hoodie is guaranteed.

Find The Perfect Women’s Organic Cotton Zipper Hoodies Online

Our international team looked into Amazon’s popular organic cotton sellers to give you a glimpse of their offers and prices. In addition to a 100% cotton zipper hoodie, we included zip-up sweaters made from organic cotton and other recycled materials. Go through all the options to find what works for you in no time!

1. Women’s 100% Organic Cotton Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

Organic Cotton Zipper Hoodie

The Underhood of London brand offers a premium-quality women’s cotton zipper hoodie made from 100% organic cotton. Available in navy, black, grey, and burgundy, any ribbed-cuffs hoodie will fit your relaxed-fit outfit to a tee. The chemical-free fabric makes it ideal for jogging and exercising without feeling too harsh on the skin. Check out the product on Amazon to discover the price and purchase it in a few clicks.

2. Econscious Ladies’ Organic/Recycled Full-Zip Hoodie

Organic Cotton Zipper Hoodie

As its name suggests, the Econscious brand produces organic clothing and advocates ethical treatment of employees. Their 80% organic cotton zip hoodie also includes 20% recycled polyester. Planet-friendly consumers love the softness and thickness of these hoodies and suggest going one size up when purchasing one. Check them out on Amazon to select size and see the prices. Just to be sure, you could also measure the narrowest part of your waist and look it up on the size chart.

3. Satva Women’s Comfortable Organic Cotton Zipper Sweatshirt

Organic Cotton Zipper Hoodie

This OCS-certified organic cotton hoodie contains a high percentage of organic raw materials. If you search for a colorful zip-up hoodie with a stylish touch, this is your go-to choice. Available in black and mauve, each hoodie has adjustable drawstrings, long sleeves, and two kangaroo pockets. Check the pricing on Amazon to see if it fits your budget and if you can get free shipping.

Washing and Drying Tips for Eco-Friendly Consumers

Not sure to care for your organic cotton zip-up hoodie? Most products have instructions like “Machine Wash Cold” or “Tumble Dry Low,” but we’ll explain how and why. Use our tips to ensure your sweatshirt stays as soft and comfy as on day one.

  • Be careful with washing—We recommend laundering your organic cotton zipper hoodie in cold water and with similar products. The cold water will help avoid shrinkage and keep the colors bright and vivid. Don’t use bleach or machine wash your hoodie too often.
  • Air drying is preferable to tumble drying—Hang dry your hoodie to make the fabric softer and the planet healthier. It will also save you from ironing. However, if you want to speed up the process, put it in the dryer at low heat. 
  • Avoid ironing—If you store your hoodie hanging upright, you’ll avoid wrinkling and ironing, so we don’t recommend folding. However, if you need to use the iron, it should be at a low setting.

How Much Would a 100% Organic Cotton Hoodie Shrink When Washed?

Because of their non-chemical treatment, organic cotton hoodies may slightly shrink during washing. To keep shrinkage to a minimum, wash it in cold water and use mild laundry detergents. The water temperature should not exceed 30°C.

Bottom Line

Here at Yes, It’s Organic, we aim to cover all organic bedding and clothing products and teach you how to find the best items for your sustainable home! In addition to women’s organic cotton zipper hoodies, we have shopping guides for other organic women’s clothes, including the following.

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